And now he is lost back at his outlawry and piracy, in which ultimately he will be taken and destroyed. And the fault is mine mine!" "What are you saying? The only agents were your uncle's hostility and his own obstinacy which would not study compromise. You must not blame yourself for anything." She swung to him with some impatience, her eyes aswim in tears.

"Oh, what must you think of me?" she gasped. He simply could not say. Moving Passages With A Heroine. George could not say. His senses were washed aswim by this torrent of beauty poured unexpected through eyes to brain. It surged the centres to violent commotion, one jostling another in a whirlpool of conflict.

"Well spoken," said Marcus, gazing at her steadily. Indeed, she was worth looking at as she stood there before him, her hands clasped, her breast heaving, her sweet, pale face flushed with emotion and her lovely eyes aswim with tears. Of a sudden as he gazed Marcus lost control of himself. Passion for this maiden and bitter jealousy of Caleb arose like twin giants in his heart and possessed him.

And those eyes, those large, dreaming eyes aswim with tears and hued like richest lapis-lazuli, oh! what man could look on them and not be stirred? "Merapi!" I whispered. "Moon of Israel!" murmured Seti, "filled with the moon, lovely as the moon, mystic as the moon and worshipping the moon, her mother." "She is in trouble; let us help her," I said.

Her large eyes, neither blue nor black, caught the light of the moon and were aswim with tears. Her plenteous bronze-hued hair flowed in great curls over the snow-white bosom that her rough robe revealed. Her delicate hands were lifted as though to ward off the blows which fell upon him whom she sought to protect.

What then was the worth of learning and long life, or, indeed, of anything? Well, Solomon himself asked the question ages since, and could give no answer save that all is vanity. I noted about this time that Yva began to grow very sad and troubled; indeed, looking at her suddenly on two or three occasions, I saw that her beautiful eyes were aswim with tears.

I am faint I am fordone!" "Never to have loved 'tis strange! Never to have known some woman-heart beat all in tune to thine never to have seen the eyes of thy adored aswim with passion's tears, as she sighed her vows upon thy breast!

Because of that he bade me leave his ship, and had me put ashore." She looked at him with eyes that were aswim with tears. He took a step towards her, a catch in his breath, his hand held out. "Was he right, Arabella? My life's happiness hangs upon your answer." But she continued silently to regard him with those tear-laden eyes, without speaking, and until she spoke he dared not advance farther.

Just what a sick negro might wear, and it hid his straight hair." The lieutenant appeared fairly satisfied, but requested that Lund go on board his ship. He stayed there until sundown, returning in hilarious mood. "We've slipped it over on 'em this time," he said. "I left 'em aswim with sake, an' bubblin' over with polite regrets. But they'll be back in three weeks, they said, if the ice is open.