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Which Explication I propose, not that I think the Blackness of the Velvet proceeds from the Cause assign'd, since each Single Pile of Silk is Black by reason of its Texture, in what Position soever you Look upon it; But that the Greater Blackness of one of these Tuffts seems to proceed from the Greater Paucity of Beams Reflected from it, and that from the Fewness of those Parts of a Surface that Reflect Beams, and the Multitude of those Shaded Parts that Reflect none.

"Whom have we here Stuck on this bellows, But the Prince of good fellows, Willy Shakspere?" At top, "O base and coward lack, To be here stuck!" At bottom, "Nay! rather a glorious lot is to him assign'd, Who, like the Almighty, rides upon the wind." This is all in old, carved wooden letters. The countenance smiling, sweet, and intellectual beyond measure, even as he was immeasurable.

Was about sixteen months in Salisbury. Subsequent to October, '64, there were about 11,000 Union prisoners in the stockade; about 100 of them southern unionists, 200 U. S. deserters. During the past winter 1500 of the prisoners, to save their lives, join'd the confederacy, on condition of being assign'd merely to guard duty.

My father at that time was just beginning business in London, and had taken a house; and as the truest friendship and cordiality subsisted between the two brothers, and that my father thought my uncle Toby could no where be so well nursed and taken care of as in his own house, he assign'd him the very best apartment in it.

Thus to him instantly answer'd the swift-footed noble Peleides: "Foremost in fame, Agamemnon, in greediness, too, thou art foremost. Whence can a prize be assign'd by the generous host of Achaia? Nowhere known unto us is a treasure of common possessions: All that we took with a town was distributed right on the capture; Nor is it seemly for states to resume and collect their allotments.

They are a delicate Fish, and plentiful in our Salt-Waters. Infinite numbers of other Species will be hereafter discover'd as yet unknown to us; although I have seen and eaten of several other sorts of Fish, which are not here mention'd, because, as yet, they have no certain Names assign'd them. Therefore, I shall treat no farther of our Salt-Water Fish, but proceed to the Fresh.

Four years of lurid, bleeding, murky, murderous war. The secession war? Nay, let me call it the Union war. But I must leave these speculations, and come to the theme I have assign'd and limited myself to. Of the actual murder of President Lincoln, though so much has been written, probably the facts are yet very indefinite in most persons' minds.

But this I hope soon either to prove or disprove, and the reasons I have before assign'd will, I presume, be thought sufficient for my leaving the Coast at this time; not but what I intend to get in with it again as soon as I can do it with safety. All these things considered there is, perhaps, not a better place on the whole Coast for a Ship to refresh at than this Island.

Ay, but they are Sisters Children, and too near a-kin to be happy. Trusty. 'Twere pity my young Master shou'd be unhappy in a Wife; for he is the sweetest-natur'd Gentleman But one Comfort is, Mr. Charles, you, and your Sister Mrs. Phillis, will have your Portions assign'd you if he marry. Char. Yes, that he can't deny us the very Day after his Marriage. Trusty.

Perform the parts thy providence assign'd, Their pride, their passions, to thy ends inclin'd: Awhile they glitter in the face of day, Then at thy nod the phantoms pass away; No traces left of all the busy scene, But that remembrance says The things have been! In all these, however, and in every other similitude of life to the theatre, the resemblance hath been always taken from the stage only.

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