The priests' voices chanted again, and all the time the face of Apleon wore its mocking smile. Reading from the top right to left, as the breastplate hung on the breast the stones and their significance ran as follows: The last piece of this wonderful Robing, was the Mitre.

Lucien Apleon encouraged religion, but not the religion of the Lord Jesus Christ for he, Apleon was The Anti-Christ. It was he, with his emissaries, taught and guided by Satan, the Arch-enemy of God, and of His Christ, that had subtlety, secretly energized the world-religion, that followed the taking away of the church.

The latter noted it and had an uncomfortable consciousness that the mocking-eyed visitor was reading him like a book. "I only landed to-day," replied Apleon. "Steamer?" asked Ralph. "No, by a new aerial type of my own invention," replied Apleon. "It brought me from Babylon to London in about as many minutes as it would have occupied the best aeronaut, days, by the best machines of a year ago."

These all, you, your prophet, and your dupes, shall be cast into a lake of fire burning with brimstone". Rev. xiii. 2, 3. Rev. xix. 20. Low and mocking, a laugh broke from Apleon, upon whose brow there still played that lambent flame.

For hours, thousands of the people remained within the sweep of the great "Fan," talking of all that had occurred, and more absolutely convinced than ever that Apleon was God their God. Thrice during the next hour after Apleon's departure, three separate faithful souls one of the three a woman raised a testimony against the Man of Sin.

All the kings and most of the princes and others, from Babylon, received massive and costly signet rings from the hands of Apleon, himself. Each signet was engraved with "The covenant Sign," as it was called. God calls it "The Mark of the Beast." The recipients of the rings, all wore them on the third finger of the right hand, as did others of the minor personages.

In that first three months of the second half of the seven years of Anti-christ, much had changed in every way in the world. Under the supreme dictation of Apleon changes commanded by him were effected throughout the whole world, in one week, that would have occupied a century in the old days of the nineteenth century, say.

Lucien Apleon, the Anti-christ, the Man of Sin, riding a jet black horse, cantered through the gate. He was a marvellous figure of a man. In stature he was nearer seven feet than six. His form as erect as a Venetian mast. His costume was strange, but very striking, and gave him a regality of appearance.

At seven o'clock, sharp, the gun was fired at the "Palace Apleon," and the great silken flag, with its "Covenant" sign, flew out upon the breeze. The whole city and its suburbs were astir. Suddenly a burst of brazen music rent the more or less silent air of the city, and Cohen and his fellow priests knew that the procession had started from the Palace. Soon it was in sight.

In a general way no item of the procession of the ceremony at the Temple, or of aught else had escaped him but it was in, and on Apleon that his special attention had been concentrated. He watched the procession sweep through the great gate-way of the Emperor's Palace. Then, when the last of the guests had passed in, the huge folding gates closed, and the multitudes began to disperse.