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Edward, however, was only caught by Adam's incidental allusions to the application of his principle to ships. The merchant-king suddenly roused himself to attention, when it was promised to him that his galleys should cross the seas without sail, and against wind and tide. "By Saint George!" said he, then, "let the honest man have his whim.

"It seems ages since I saw you," he declared, as he seated himself at last. "It's a shame for a man to neglect an old friend as I have neglected you." The Interpreter returned, calmly, "The last time you called was just before your son enlisted. You wanted me to help you keep him at home." It was too dark to see Adam's face. "So it was, I remember now."

"Four pound!" nodded the Corn-chandler. "Four pound ten!" roared Adam. "Five!" nodded Grimes, edging away from Adam's elbow. "Six pound ten!" cried Adam. "Seven!" from Parsons. "Eight!" said Grimes. "Ten!" roared Adam, growing desperate. "Eleven!" said Grimes, beginning to mop at his neck again.

Look at the sickness, death, bloodshed, oppression, spite, and cruelty, with which the world is so full now, of which it has been full, as we know but too well from history, ever since Adam's time. The world is full of misery, there is no denying that. How did that come? It must have come somehow. There must be some reason for all this sorrow. The Bible tells us a reason for it.

Destructiveness from a sheer love of destructiveness is not work it is vandalism. The true Man works. When Adam's crook-stick turned over the brown earth to make it fertile, he began the industry of the world. The whole horizon of man's endeavor is spanned by one word, Work.

"My! how good that is!" she repeated. "You don't steep it to rags, as some folks do. I have to, we're so nigh the wind. Well, you hadn't been gone long before Johnnie had a kind of a fall. 'T wa'n't much of a one, neither, down the ledge. I dunno how he done it he climbs like a cat seems as if the Old Boy was in it but half his body he can't move. Palsy, I s'pose; numb, not shakin', like Adam's."

But this is absurd. The East is not the West, and these men must continue to deal with the machinery of life, and to call it progress. Their very preachers dare not rebuke them. They gloss over the hunting for money and the thrice-sharpened bitterness of Adam's curse, by saying that such things dower a man with a larger range of thoughts and higher aspirations.

Adam's attachment to her, Adam's caress, stirred no passion in her, were no longer enough to satisfy her vanity, but they were the best her life offered her now they promised her some change. There was a great deal of discussion before Adam went away, about the possibility of his finding a house that would do for him to settle in.

It is situated beneath the muscles of the neck on the sides of "Adam's apple" and below it. It undergoes great enlargement in the disease called goitre. The thymus is also a blood gland. It is situated around the windpipe, behind the upper part of the breastbone. Until about the end of the second year it increases in size, and then it begins gradually to shrivel away.

"If you are not well, you are not so bad yet that nobody need cry over you; but it has given me such a turn! Oh dear! oh dear! how silly it is of me to get so fond of people, and to think more of you than of Cibot! For, after all, you aren't nothing to me, you are only my brother by Adam's side; and yet, whenever you are in the question, it puts me in such a taking, upon my word it does!