I'm going to be their king next week, and they'll do anything I say. Come on out!" "I'm afraid we shall have to decline," answered the professor. The machinist began a rambling talk, and the scarlet-cloaked figure stepped forward. He spoke slowly, using simple words in the Martian tongue, such as he knew the travelers could understand. "My name is Zun Flor," he began.

The father, whose eyesight was none of the best, pulled out his spectacles, and, having applied them to his nose reconnoitered me over his son's shoulder: but no sooner did he behold me, than he was seized with a fit of shaking, even more violent than Dick's, and, with a broken accent, addressed me thus: "In the name of the Vather, Zun, and Holy Ghost, I charge you, an you been Satan, to be gone to the Red Zen; but an you be a moordered mon, speak, that you may have a Christom burial."

"Rager, go vetch tha kee, or else tha zun Will quite bego before ch' 'avs half a don!" Philips is said to have resented this treatment by threats of personal chastisement to Pope, and even hanging up a rod at Button's coffee-house. We may be certain that Philips never disgraced himself by such ignoble conduct.

"We desire it for scientific purposes, and as you are so fond of science, you ought to let us keep it." "Give it back!" exclaimed Zun Flor, and he seemed to be very angry. His big, bulging eyes flashed. "Return it to me, and all will be forgiven." "We will not!" declared Mr. Roumann firmly. "Then we shall attack you!" "And we shall defend ourselves. Now, let me warn you.

Score after score of the queer creatures went down, among the first to fall being the machinist and Zun Flor. "Once more!" cried Mr. Roumann, and another volley was sent out, stunning hundreds. Then came a third one, but this was enough. The remaining Martians, leaving their helpless comrades on the ground, turned and fled. "We've driven them away!" cried Jack.

"He's only just arrived from London, and he's walked all the way from Brawnton." "'Tain't but a stip vur a vine vellar like 'ee, and wi' a vine maiden like yu du be grown, var tu kip 'ee company," said Happy Jack. "But 'ee'll be in a yurry tu git tu Barracombe, and refresh hisself, in arl this turble yeat. When the zun du search, the rain du voller."

Marie would very likely have grown up a poor dancing girl, and nobody would ever have known who she was. And she would never have been mother's godmother, so I wouldn't ever have been telling you this story." "How queer!" said Tom, consideringly. "All just because of the lion's roar. But please go on, Audrey. Where did Marie run to?" "Zes, where did she zun to?" said Racey.