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The first is, That in doing justice, I may give rest to Yorick's ghost; which as the country-people, and some others believe, still walks.

However consolatory it may have been to Yorick's Ghost, to hear the feet upon the pavement overhead, and, twenty times a day, the repetition of his name, it is better for Juliet to lie out of the track of tourists, and to have no visitors but such as come to graves in spring-rain, and sweet air, and sunshine. Pleasant Verona!

He runs the crusty forefinger of his right hand up and down the board, adding, "and any customers are all of the first families, which is some consolation in one's poverty. Ah! I have it here!" he exclaims, with childlike exultation, frisking his fingers over the board. "One Yorick's skull-a time-worn, tenantless, and valuable relic, in which graveyard worms have banqueted more than once.

Upon his drawing Yorick's curtain, and asking how he felt himself, Yorick looking up in his face took hold of his hand, and after thanking him for the many tokens of his friendship to him, for which, he said, if it was their fate to meet hereafter, he would thank him again and again, he told him, he was within a few hours of giving his enemies the slip for ever.

"The Star'll have skulls and bones enough to make up for his want of talent now I reckon," interposes the property-man. "But! I say, mister, this skull couldn't a bin old Yorick's, you know " "Yorick's! why not?" interrupts the old man. "Because Yorick Yorick was the King's jester, you see no nigger; and no one would think of importing anything but a nigger's skull into Charleston "

About two minutes before the time that my uncle Toby interrupted Yorick's harangue Gastripheres's chesnuts were brought in and as Phutatorius's fondness for 'em was uppermost in the waiter's head, he laid them directly before Phutatorius, wrapt up hot in a clean damask napkin.

On the back of half a dozen I find written, So, so, and no more and upon a couple Moderato; by which, as far as one may gather from Altieri's Italian dictionary, but mostly from the authority of a piece of green whipcord, which seemed to have been the unravelling of Yorick's whip-lash, with which he has left us the two sermons marked Moderato, and the half dozen of So, so, tied fast together in one bundle by themselves, one may safely suppose he meant pretty near the same thing.

The similitude of the stile and manner of it, with those my father constantly had heard preached in his parish-church, was the ground of his conjecture, proving it as strongly, as an argument a priori could prove such a thing to a philosophic mind, That it was Yorick's and no one's else: It was proved to be so, a posteriori, the day after, when Yorick sent a servant to my uncle Toby's house to enquire after it.

As this letter came to hand about six weeks before Susannah's accident, Le Fever was hourly expected; and was uppermost in my uncle Toby's mind all the time my father was giving him and Yorick a description of what kind of a person he would chuse for a preceptor to me: but as my uncle Toby thought my father at first somewhat fanciful in the accomplishments he required, he forbore mentioning Le Fever's name, till the character, by Yorick's inter-position, ending unexpectedly, in one, who should be gentle-tempered, and generous, and good, it impressed the image of Le Fever, and his interest, upon my uncle Toby so forcibly, he rose instantly off his chair; and laying down his pipe, in order to take hold of both my father's hands I beg, brother Shandy, said my uncle Toby, I may recommend poor Le Fever's son to you I beseech you do, added Yorick He has a good heart, said my uncle Toby And a brave one too, an' please your honour, said the corporal.

Here we gained admittance to the little church, an interesting edifice, noted for its sumptuous monuments to commemorate the Fauconbridge and Belasyse families, and for its being the scene of Sterne's curacy. A small barrel organ now graces its gallery, which responded to the morning and evening service in Yorick's day.