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Still there is something in his mild and venerable, though not aged presence a propriety, an equilibrium, in Governor Winthrop's nature that causes the disarray of his costume to be unnoticed, and gives us the same impression as if he were clad in such rave and rich attire as we may suppose him to have worn in the Council Chamber of the colony.

What matters it at this day whether Mary Johnson as tradition runs, or Alse Youngs as truth has it, was put to death for witchcraft in Windsor, Connecticut, in 1647, or Martha Jones of Charlestown, Massachusetts, was hung for the same crime at Boston in 1648, as also set down in Winthrop's Journal?

Once, in her anxiety to have everything exactly right for her sister, Hannah asked Master Necronsett about Captain Winthrop's being there so much. "Master Doctor, will not Captain Winthrop absorb, perchance, some of the great virtue of the plant away from Ann Mary? Will he not hurt her cure?"

A medical entry in Governor Winthrop's journal may seem at first sight a mere curiosity; but, rightly interpreted, it is a key to his whole system of belief as to the order of the universe and the relations between man and his Maker. Nothing sheds such light on the superstitions of an age as the prevailing interpretation and treatment of disease.

But she was a very loyal little girl, and Uncle Leverett had welcomed her so warmly, even on board the vessel. After supper they went into Uncle Winthrop's study a while. There were more bookcases, and such a quantity of books and pamphlets and papers. There were busts of some of the old Roman orators and emperors, and more paintings.

Le Grande a daily remembrance from Oaklands, in the shape of a bouquet of the choicest blossoms. At last I resolved to follow the flowers myself, though at the risk of the second time incurring Mr. Winthrop's displeasure; but if she were soon to die, as her attendants seemed to expect, surely here was missionary work right at my door. I found the cottage a perfect bower of roses.

That officer, reading danger in Winthrop's eye, discreetly threw up his hands. "Good!" exclaimed Overland, sitting up suddenly. "That was risky, but it worked out all right. I had a better plan. You go set down, Billy. I'll see this gent safe toward home." Winthrop laughed hysterically. "Why, you you you're a joke!" he cried. "I thought "

From the saloon below, Winthrop telephoned to the family doctor, and then rejoined Miss Forbes and the Police officer. The officer gave him the names of those citizens who had witnessed the accident, and in return received Winthrop's card. "Not that it will go any further," said the officer reassuringly. "They're all saying you acted all right and wanted to take him to Roosevelt.

He met her glance, but gave no sign of recognition a rudeness that he regretted even while he manifested it. Louise turned away proudly, calling Winthrop's attention to a huge garden-seat beneath the live-oaks. "We have dinner out there quite often," she said, her eyes glowing. "Would you care to rest a while after your ride?" "'A jug of wine a loaf of bread " he quoted.

“I have been watching at a death-bed,” answered Hester Prynne;—“at Governor Winthrop's death-bed, and have taken his measure for a robe, and am now going homeward to my dwelling.” “Come up hither, Hester, thou and little Pearl,” said the Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale. “Ye have both been here before, but I was not with you. Come up hither once again, and we will stand all three together!”