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Who calls my Lady? Pis. Where's my Sister? Lys. Pis. I do believe it, good night, Lysette. Who's there? Pis. Where hast thou been? I wanted thee but now. I fell asleep i'th' Lobby, Sir, and had not waken'd Yet, but for the Musick which plays at the Lodgings Of my Lady Erminia. Pis. Curse on them; will they not allow him nights to himself; 'tis hard.

"He's as soon a-bleeze as a tap of tow, the lad Bucklaw," he said; "but the deil of ony master's face he shall see till he has sleepit and waken'd on't. He'll ken himsell better the morn's morning. It sets the like o' him, to be bringing a crew of drunken hunters here, when he kens there is but little preparation to sloken his ain drought."

Still thy cheek is round and fair; 'Mid thy curls not one grey hair; Not one lurking sorrow lies In the lustre of those eyes: Thou hast felt, since last we met, No affliction, no regret! Wonderful! to shed no tears In the lapse of twenty years. But what means that changing brow? Tears are in those dark eyes now! Have my rush, incautious words Waken'd Feeling's slumbering chords?

One of her latest poems holds her sorrow and the resignation she came at last to feel: "In silent night when rest I took, For sorrow neer I did not look, I waken'd was with thundring nois And Piteous shreiks of dreadfull voice; That fearfull sound of fire and fire, Let no man know is my desire.

The family was in their dead sleep when Ascyltos took our fardels on his shoulders, and getting through a breach in the wall, which he had formerly taken notice of, came to the village by break of day, and meeting no one to stop him, boldly enter'd it and came up to our chamber; which the guard that was upon us, took care to secure; but the bar being of wood, he easily wrenched it with an iron crow, and waken'd us; for we snor'd in spight of fortune.

So for long hours sat Enid by her lord, There in the naked hall, propping his head, And chafing his pale hands, and calling to him. And at the last he waken'd from his swoon. TENNYSON, Enid.

"Are they going to have the Jerusalem Jump?" asked Miss Annie. "Oh, yaas, Miss Annie," said the old woman, "dey's sartin shuh to hab dat, when dey gits waken'd." "I should so like to see the Jerusalem Jump again," said Miss Annie. "I saw it once, when I was a little girl. Did you ever see it?" she said, turning to Mr Croft. "I have not," he answered. "I never even heard of it."

I cannot think that he, who then loved most, Sunk so low as to love one which did scorn. But since this god produc'd a Destiny, And that Vice-Nature Custom lets it be, I must love her that loves not me. "O, were we waken'd by this tyranny T'ungod this child again, it could not be I should love her who loves not me.

I was waken'd before day light this morning by the guard prepareing the boat to receve an apparent Storm which threttened violence from the West at day light a violent wind accompanied with rain cam from the W. and lasted about one hour, it Cleared away, and we Set out and proceeded on under a gentle breeze from the N. W. passed Some verry Swift water Crouded with Snags, pass two large Island opposit each other, and immediately opposit a large & extensive Prarie on the Labd Side, This Prarie is butifull a high bottom for 11/2 a mile back and risees to the Common leavel of the Countrey about 70 or 80 feet and extends back out of view.