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But he and his father differed thus much, that Thorod was foretelling, and yet was called under-handed of some folk; but Skapti showed forth to every man what he deemed would avail most, if it were not departed from, therefore was he called "Father-betterer."

One, in particular, was singularly wise and dignified-looking, with an aspect which was either bland or severe, one could scarcely say which. Another resembled strikingly the typical diplomatist of romance, having a manner suave and infinitely deferential, but oh! so under-handed and insidious and diabolical!

He rang the bell in a covert under-handed way, as though it were a treasonable act; and passed in at the door, the moment it was opened wide enough to receive his body. That done, he shut it immediately with his own hands. Mr Bailey, taking up his name without delay, returned with a request that he would follow him into his master's chamber.

I believe there's some under-handed work going on here." A number of racing sheets were tacked close together, covering a large space on one of the walls. Turpin, suspicious, tore several of them down. A door, previously hidden, was revealed. Turpin placed an ear to the crack and listened intently.

Kohokumu caught the line that was fast to the butt of the pole and under-handed it in until a two-foot ukikiki, battling fiercely to the end, flashed its wet silver in the sun and began beating a tattoo on the inside bottom of the canoe.

Such would be their indignation at their language, and at the mean under-handed manner of trying to ruin those young ladies, as to their standing in society in this district, if they could not succeed in dooming them for life to the degraded condition of slavery, and all its intolerable cruelties. Oh slavery! if statues of marble could curse you, they would speak.

"But I ain't ever been able to muster up my respect for that critter's principles since he left that medicine for 'Liza marked 'Keep in a Dark Place. That was enough to shake my confidence in him forever. It was so under-handed. I'd rather had 'Liza sick for the rest of her life than that she should 'a' been dosed up on some stuff we had to keep hidden away lest somebody see it.

The baby was a darling a six-months' old beauty with little golden ringlets curling and glistening all over its tiny head. As Miss Rosetta hung over it, it opened its eyes and then held out its tiny hands to her with a gurgle of confidence. "Oh, you sweetest!" said Miss Rosetta rapturously, gathering it up in her arms. "You belong to me, darling never, never, to that under-handed Charlotte!

"It was only like you under-handed in stealing my few pleasures very frank and open when you can rule. Never honest or candid with me, except to my punishment. A kind, generous husband, truly!" These and a torrent more of bitter words she poured out. She never knew till now the passion, the galling sarcasm, there was in her nature. She felt a longing to hate a wish to wound.

Don't you even see Miss Mary in the morning, but let this here dear friend of ours' Mr Tapley bestowed a smile upon the hostess 'prepare her for what's a-going to happen, and carry any little message as may be agreeable. She knows how. Don't you? Mrs Lupin laughed and tossed her head. 'Then you go in, bold and free as a gentleman should. "I haven't done nothing under-handed," says you.