"Worse than that perfumes and soaps, tooth pastes and cold creams, hair tonics and henna dips, silver polish and spot removers pretty near everything or a little of it; but I'm going to come call on all of you when I get my wares sorted out." "Do! Do!" they responded, but she was in and off before they could say more. "Gee, that's a pretty girl!" exclaimed the necktie drummer.

In the bitter test of pain and dirt and despair we found ourselves found ourselves capable of more nobility than we had ever dreamt possible. We sorted out afresh, in hours that we thought would be our last, all our inherited superstitions and servilities; in so doing we discovered that God and life itself are much kinder than we had been informed.

Several times the bag descended and ascended; and at every unlading of the crane, fresh acclamations were heard. "I have no more!" at length the boy with the tailor's bag cried. "Off with you, then; we've enough, and thank you." A delightful review was now made of their treasure. Busy hands arranged and sorted the heterogeneous mass.

A mineralogist at Besançon had just sent us a collection of siliceous nodules, which I had to classify: so I set to work; I sorted, labelled, and arranged in their own glass case all these hollow specimens, in the cavity of each of which was a nest of little crystals. But this work did not succeed in absorbing all my attention. That old document kept working in my brain.

"The whole damn thing seems to be waste-paper basket," said Jaffery, standing over me. There was but one chair in the room Adrian's famous wooden writing chair with the leathern pad for which Barbara had pleaded, the chair in which the poor fellow had died, and I was sitting in it, as I sorted the manuscript which rose in masses on the table.

The old lady, who had gathered herself together and was directing a stream of voluble reproof at Corporal Smith for his "callousness and cruelty to these unhappy blind heroes," retired discomfited. Jock's comments routed her more effectively than the Corporal's assurance that the episode was none of his choosing. The party at last sorted itself out and was placed upon its feet once more.

At the evening camp everything not absolutely indispensable was sorted out to be left behind, and a stick was set up on the nearest dune with a newspaper wrapped round it so that we might find the place again if we obtained water soon. There was still a little water left in the two cans, but next morning Islam came and told me that one of them was empty.

So for a couple of hours he worked as regularly and monotonously as a bank-clerk, and while he was signing the less important papers, and passing them to one of his secretaries to be blotted and sorted, another read out to him those of which he wished to learn the contents.

Among men the circle of talk in business and at the club and in the smoking car is wider than the set to which they belong. Among women the social set and the circle of talk are frequently almost identical. It is in the social set that ideas derived from reading and lectures and from the circle of talk converge, are sorted out, accepted, rejected, judged and sanctioned.

On some of these latter points the Boule d'Or at Bourges was full of instruction; boasting, as it did, of a hall of reception in which, amid old boots that had been brought to be cleaned, old linen that was being sorted for the wash, and lamps of evil odor that were awaiting replenish- ment, a strange, familiar, promiscuous household life went forward.