Sad change, indeed, but we occasionally got some fun out of the nipping, shivery work from hungry prairie chickens, and squirrels and mice that came about us.

But this feeling was like the shivery sensations that one has on hearing a graphically narrated ghost story, such as we all like. At this moment it occurred to me that I should never be in a more seasonable mood for reading the book which, in common with every one who had the least leaning towards the romantic, I at that time carried about in my pocket, I mean Schiller's "Ghost-seer."

The door of a small panelled parlour stood half-way open; and within the room Lord Hartfield saw James Steadman asleep in an arm-chair by the fire, which burned as brightly as if it had been Christmas time. 'He was so chilly and shivery this afternoon that I was obliged to light a fire, said Mrs. Steadman. 'He seems to be sleeping heavily, said Hartfield. 'Don't awaken him.

He caught Barry's glittering eye in time and merely replied: "Aye, aye, sir. Don't forget what you told me: with man, woman, or missionary, keep your gun butt handy. That bush looks shivery. Be good and look after yourself." He swung off down the wharf path, and Barry stepped into the side trail.

It was a half-hearted, smudgy, cheerless fire. And then the night fell tremendous, overpowering night! The Kid and I, huddled close in one blanket, thrust our heads out from under the shelter and watched the ghastly world leap by fits out of the dark, when the sheet lightning flared through the drizzle. It gave one an odd shivery feeling.

In summer, with the warm glow of the setting sun in the sky, the place looked shivery and depressing, and as I waited for Mr Solomon I found myself thinking what a place it must be in the winter when the snow had fallen and drifted into the corners, and how miserable the poor dogs must be.

"It's plain that they don't like you," his cousin remarked. "Nor you, either!" Solomon Owl boomed. And then all at once he burst forth with a peal of ghostly laughter. "Wha, wha, whoo-ah!" Now, Master Meadow Mouse had just crept out of one of his doorways and was looking up at the stars when that shivery sound came rolling out of the woods.

"My head aches and I've a shivery feeling that came on about this time last night. A touch of malarial fever, perhaps; they get it now and then in the town, though we ought to be free from it on the hill. Anyhow, if you don't mind, I'll get off to bed." He went away, and Jake looked about the veranda and the room that opened on to it.

Pretty soon one woman says, kind o' shivery: "I don't want to have the job of opening the door of that blacksmith shop the first one!" And they all kind o' shivered then, and looked at Elmira. They says to let some of the men open it. And Mis' Alexander, she says she'll run home and tell her husband right off. And all the time Elmira is moaning in that chair.

May had begun an old-fashioned, well- conducted May which was really like a foretaste of summer, instead of the shivery disappointment which so often condemns us to fire and furs. Jack's ankle was still troublesome, and though he could limp a few steps with the aid of a stick, his outdoor exercises were for the most part restricted to peregrinations in the old bath-chair.