"And Julia is just like him," Shenika muttered. "Rubbed off I guess," said Zeke. "Inevitable," the Lab Coat Man added. "Inevitable how?" Shenika demanded. "Well, I just thought... inevitable," he mumbled, straightening another row of mouthwash. An old lady turned the corner with a shopping cart. "Are all of you going to block the aisle?" she asked.

"I know where you're going with this," Shenika said. "Gravity pulls on us all the time, so the higher we are, the more potential energy we have, right?" "Basically. So, with this instant movement of yours, it all seems to work except for one thing..." "Boy, you really get into your explanations, don't you?" Denny muttered. "Just hurry up," Zeke moaned.

"It would take too long to explain in detail, but with these equations, you shouldn't be able to move up or down." "What?" Shenika said. "Huh?" Zeke said. "Pardon?" the Director said. "You're magically creating and destroying energy when you blip from one place to another and change energy states!" Justin said. "I'm lost," Kurt said. "No surprise," Tom muttered. "It's in the math!

The Lab Coat Man, Denny, Zeke, Shenika, and the police officer turned. At the sight of her, their backs stiffened and their heels ever so slightly clicked together. "Don't worry about Julia. There's plenty of other work for you to be doing," she said. "All right! Meeting's over!" The crowd, except for Denny, quickly dispersed.

Justin opened his mouth, then thought better of it and closed it again. "Say what you want," Shenika said, "but that's enough to convince me that this has been nothing but a big waste of my time." And with that, she disappeared. "Where'd she go?!" Zeke asked. "Who did that?" "She did," Justin said. "I think she's left your conspiracy." "Now wait a minute " the Director began. "Where's the cop?"

"Forrester was in charge of the daily operations, so he's only got himself to blame." "And who lost the other one?" Shenika demanded. All turned to the Lab Coat Man. "I'm afraid I was responsible for the other mishap," he admitted, grudgingly. "Yeah, right before you became a Hindu," Shenika said, noticeably not suppressing a smirk.

"He asks strange questions, that's about all." "He almost shot me!" the Lab Coat Man exclaimed. "Would you leave that alone for a minute?" Denny asked. "We'll have to get him out of the way." "And whoever has Forrester," Zeke added. "Who was careless enough to let two of us be compromised?!" she demanded. "Keep your voice down, Shenika," Denny replied.

Tom asked with a smirk. "Somewhere that's not here!" replied Shenika, as she stepped out magically from behind the ticket counter. "Do you want to be stuck in this backwater state forever?!" Julia stood up and tried to work out the kink in her back. "You hate Wisconsin, is that it? What kind of an excuse is that to start a conspiracy?"