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At length a suitor for the hand of the lovely princess was found in Ragnar, the young son of Sigurd Ring, then one of the greatest monarchs of the age, with all Sweden and Norway under his sway, as the sagas tell.

To this rule the folklore of a nation is no exception; nay, rather, the rule applies with a double emphasis to a subject the scientific investigation of which has so lately begun and has yet achieved so little. Declining this speculation, therefore, we turn to a last point in the sagas before us, namely, the propitious time for the disenchantment.

But these northern peoples did not entirely lose sight of their discoveries, for they sang about them from century to century in quaint and beautiful ballads called sagas.

The Arab at the present day listens with eager interest to the same tales of genii and afrits, sorcerers and enchanted princesses, which delighted his ancestors in the times of Haroun al Raschid. The gentle, church-going Icelander of our time beguiles the long night of his winter with the very sagas and runes which thrilled with not unpleasing horror the hearts of the old Norse sea-robbers.

But it is true that even in the winter and the darkness they were happy, for they made fishing nets and baskets and cloth together, Jon and Loa and their father and mother, and the children were taught to read in the books, and were told the sagas, and given instruction in the part singing. "They did not know there was such a thing as sorrow in the world, for no one had ever mentioned it to them.

But all this is history nearly a thousand years old, and the stirring tales of the Vikings are fully recorded, and may be read in the Sagas. Ten centuries have changed the order of things.

In all these cases the thought is distinguishable from that of the Carnarvonshire sagas; for the offence is not given by the utterance of a personal name, but by incautious use of a generic appellation which conveys reproach, if not scorn. The heroine of a saga of the Gold Coast was really a fish, but was in the form of a woman.

He was vexed at having to leave his flat in Chelsea, which so thoroughly suited his habits and his tastes. Warburton and his host talked much of Sherwood. "When I first met him," said the jam-manufacturer, "he struck me as the queerest man of business except myself that I had ever seen. He talked about Norse sagas, witchcraft, and so on, and when he began about business, I felt uneasy.

Very fortunately two of these vessels were buried in blue clay, which is an excellent preserver of timber; so we are able to see them to-day in an almost perfect state. The one found in 1880 at the mouth of the Christiania fjord is apparently a typical specimen, though smaller than many that are described in the sagas.

The great uncle hates us since what happened the other day; whenever he sees us he threatens us with his stick, and though we are not really afraid, because he can't do anything to us, still it's rather creepy. One thinks of all sorts of things, stories and sagas one has read. That is the only thing I don't quite like here. But we are leaving on the 18th.