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A storm had been threatening for some hours, and flakes of snow began to drift down before they left the slide. "Let's dress up in our best, girls," Louise said gaily. "Put on our best bibs and tuckers. Make it a gala occasion. Teddy, be sure and scrub behind your ears, naughty boy!" "I feel as though I ought to be in rompers the way you talk," said the Tucker twin, but he laughed.

Who's your little friend in the rompers?" sang out a voice beside them. It was Milt Daggett the Milt who must be scores of miles ahead. His bug had caught up with them, was running even with them on the broad road.

It was only when he saw a bit or two of shining metal which, according to his arrow head game of the afternoon, he picked up and tucked away in the pocket of his rompers, that his attention was once more turned to the gathering of the wonders that seemed to be under his feet all the time if only he looked for them hard enough. The errand to the stationery shop was successful.

He sees two boys, clad in white rompers, feeding clover to a tame rabbit in a suburban back lawn and wishes he were at home in his own place. In his fancy the two sons are walking under apple trees and laughing and tusseling for a great bundle of newly pulled sweet smelling clover.

They are cutting out rompers, or flannel undervests, I suppose, for the South Sea Island children; or something like that. They are interested in that job, no doubt. "I wanted them to 'let go all holts, as these fishermen say, and be eager and excited. They are about as eager as they would be doing their washing, or cleaning house if as much!" and Mr.

By this time Troubles small hat was almost full of flour and water, and some dough began to run over the edges, down on his little bare legs, and also on his rompers and on the table and even to the floor of the kitchen tent. Trouble did not like that. He wanted to get his cake mixed before Nora came back, so she could bake it in the oven for him.

Emmeline, of that transitional age which causes its exponent to look wistfully at the sitters when romping and at the rompers when sitting, uncertain whether her position in the household is that of child or woman, was idling in a corner. The two absent brothers and two absent sisters eldest members of the family completed the round ten whom Mrs.

They tumbled to the Fact that Elmer was not such a much, even if he did reside at Headquarters. It was evident that he had not been travelling with the Real Razmataz Rompers. He was panned to a Whisper next day. The Verdict was in. Elmer was branded a Dead One. He is now in the crowded City, trying to arrange to have his rowdy Parents come in and take the Cure.

When he tried them on Lovin Child, next day, Cash took one look and bolted from the cabin with his hand over his mouth. When he came back an hour or so later, Lovin Child was wearing his ragged rompers, and Bud was bent over a Weinstock-Lubin mail-order catalogue. He had a sheet of paper half filled with items, and was licking his pencil and looking for more.

There was no talk of a salary then, but in time Martie came to ask for such money as she needed for Teddy's rompers, for gingham dresses for summer, for stationery and stamps and it was always generously accorded. "Get good things while you're about it," Mrs. Curley would say. "You buy for the ragman when you buy trash.