Many pictures by Van der Weyden are seen in European galleries. He was also a fine miniaturist. He was official painter to the city of Brussels, and was buried in its cathedral. His son, ROGIER VAN DER WEYDEN the younger, became very rich and benevolent. He died at Brussels in 1529. His works are not numerous in public galleries.

"Possibly," replied the Greek savant, stroking his chin, and frowning, to counteract the sinister influence of the smile he could not wholly overcome. Mr. Hamblin took the letter and read the signature. It was certainly "Charles Rogier," with a flourish extensive enough for any great man. From the letter he glanced at the fat professor, who, being always good-natured, was so now.

And, besides, there are no Germans south of Liege." The morning following in my room I heard from the Place Rogier the warnings of many motor horns. At great speed innumerable automobiles were approaching, all coming from the west through the Boulevard du Regent, and without slackening speed passing northeast toward Ghent, Bruges, and the coast.

Lowington," added the savant of the Josephine, as the principal was going over the side. "I wish to inquire if we make any stay in Brussels?" "We shall probably remain there one day." "I have an invitation to visit Monsieur Rogier, the chief minister of the King of Belgium, and should like to accept it," added Mr.

A letter from him to his Excellency M. Rogier, Minister of the Interior in Belgium who likewise took the most courteous interest in promoting my views obtained for me the permission thoroughly to study this correspondence; and I passed several months in Brussels, occupied with reading the whole of it from the year 1584 to the end of the reign of Philip II.

The early Flemish school of the fifteenth century is strongly represented in several of the galleries up-stairs. And Rogier de la Pasture, otherwise known as Rogier van der Weyden, is shown in five pictures, and at his best. The Chevalier with the Arrow, a bust portrait, will be familiar to those who have visited the Rijks Museum, where a copy hangs.

The only consequence of these disturbances was the vote by the Chamber of a new grant towards the reinforcement of the army: "No doubt," said the Minister Rogier on that occasion, "it will cost something to equip a greater number of men. But has one ever estimated the cost of an invasion, even if it only lasted a week?"

Hamblin was vexed, but he gave the letter to his associate, who turned the sheet and glanced at the signature. "Ah!" exclaimed he, looking at Mr. Hamblin. "What is it? Do me the favor to read it," replied the learned gentleman, impatiently. "It is from Monsieur Charles Rogier, the president of the council, and minister of foreign affairs," added Professor Stoute.

On such a night as this, the night of August 18, strange folk in wooden shoes and carrying bundles, and who looked like emigrants from Ellis Island, appeared in front of the restaurant. Instantly they were swallowed up in a crowd and the dinner-parties, napkins in hand, flocked into the Place Rogier and increased the throng around them.

He assures her that he has avoided her only because he did not wish to provide slanderers with matter for gossip; to which the Countess replies that his care for her reputation is excessive. Peire Rogier whose poetical career lies between the years 1160 and 1180, also spent some time at Raimbaut's court.