G. B. Stiles scrambled in with unusual agility for him, and again they were off, the gray taking them along with leaps and bounds, but the road was smooth, and the dust laid by frequent showers was like velvet under the horse's feet. Stiles drew himself up, clinging to the side of the buggy and to his hat. "How long will he keep this up?" he asked. "Oh, he stop putty quvick. He lak it leetle run.

"I vas goin' 'long mit der calf to eat it grass dere by Ballards' yard, und he vas goin' 'long mit hees cousin, Craikmile's son, und he vas walkin' slow for hees cousin, he don' got hees crutch dot day, he valk mit dot stick dere, und he don' go putty quvick mit it." Nels pointed to the heavy blackthorn stick lying on the table before the jury. "Were the two young men talking together?"

The Swede began a sullen protest, but the proprietor shouted back to him, "You'll do this or leave," and walked in. Nels went then into the stable, smiling quietly. He was well satisfied with the arrangement. "Shake, you put dot big horse by de buggy. No. Tak' d'oder bridle. I don't drive heem mit ol' bridle; he yoomp too quvick yet. All tam yoomping, dot horse."

I vaiting long time all ready, but yust lak I tol' you, he coom." "I thought I told you not to sign that telegram. But it's no matter, didn't do any harm, I guess." "Dot vas a fool, dot boy dere. He ask all tam, 'Vot for? Who write dis? You not? Eh? Who sen' dis? He make me put my name dere; den I get out putty quvick or he ask yet vat iss it for a yob you got somebody, eh?"

Und I seen heem stand und vaitin' minute by der door outside, und I get me low under dem little small flowers bushes Ballards is got by der door under dot vindow dere, und I seen heem, he goin' in, and yust dere is Mees Betty sittin', und he go quvick down on hees knees, und dere she yump lak she is scairt.

"Yas, bot if you no lak I leek heem, ust you yoomp in und I lat heem run goot for two, t'ree mile. Dot feex heem all right." "I don't know about that. Sure you can hold him?" "Yas, I hol' heem so goot he break hee's yaw off, if he don't stop ven I tol' heem. Now, quvick. Whoa! Yoomp in."