The Dissenting Jacobites have some Plea for themselves, for let their Opinion be never so repugnant to their own Interest, or general Vogue, they are faithful to some thing, and they wont joyn with these People, because they have Perjur'd their Faith, and yet pretend to adhere to it at the same time.

Oh heavens, mad to possess, you stole the unloving prize! Yes, you lov'd her, false as you are, you did; perjur'd and faithless. Lov'd her? Hell and confusion on the word; it was so Oh Philander, I am lost This letter was found torn in pieces. To Monsieur, the Count of

Oh, all ye host of heaven, ye stars that shone, and all ye powers the faithless lovely maid has sworn by, be witness how she is perjur'd; revenge it all, ye injured powers, revenge it, since by it she has undone the faithfullest youth, and broke the tenderest heart that ever fell a sacrifice to love; and all ye little weeping gods of love, revenge your murdered victim your To PHILANDER.

The apparition left the regions of the dead to little purpose; the revenge which he demands is not obtained but by the death of him that was required to take it; and the gratification which would arise from the destruction of an usurper and a murderer, is abated by the untimely death of Ophelia, the young, the beautiful, the harmless, and the pious. ACT V. SCENE vi. Oh perjur'd woman!

When they had him they hardly knew what to do with him; they could not proceed against him as Author of a Proposal for the Destruction of the Crolians because it appear'd he was a Crolian himself; they were loth to charge him with suggesting that the Solunarian Church-men were guilty of such a Design, least he should bring their own Writings to prove it true; so they fell to wheadling him with good Words to throw himself into their Hands and submit, giving him that Geu-gau the Publick Faith for a Civil and Gentleman-like Treatment; the Man, believing like a Coxcomb that they spoke as they meant, quitted his own Defence, and threw himself on the Mercy of the Queen as he thought; but they abusing their Queen with false Representations, Perjur'd all their Promises with him, and treated him in a most barbarous manner, on pretence that there were no such Promises made, tho' he prov'd it upon them by the Oath of the Persons to whom they were made.

I can liken these to nothing so well as to those Gentlemen of our English Church, who tho' they broke into the Principles of Passive Obedience by joining, and calling over the P. of O. yet suffer'd deprivations of Benefices, and loss of their Livings, for not taking the Oath; as if they had not as effectually perjur'd themselves by taking up Arms against their King, and joyning a Forreign Power, as they could possibly do afterward, by Swearing to live quietly under the next King.

Hah Celinda in my Croud of Thoughts I had forgot I sent come nearer, Boy What did she say to thee? Did she not smile? And use thee with Contempt and Scorn? tell me. How scorn, Sir! Bel. Or she was angry call'd me perjur'd Villain, False, and forsworn nay, tell me truth. How, Sir? Bel. Thou dost delay me say she did, and please me. Sir! Bel. Again tell me, what answer, Rascal, did she send me?

Shou'dst thou stab here a thousand gaping Wounds, Upon this false, this perjur'd Heart of mine, It wou'd not part with Life, unless 'twere laid Near to the Sacred Altar of my Vows, Low at the Feet of my fair injur'd Wife. Friend. Canst thou repent thy Injuries to her, And leave the rest of all thy Sins neglected? Bel.

"Then, Britons, from all nice Dainties refrain, Which effeminate Italy, France, and Spain; And mighty Rost Beef shall command on the Main. Oh, the Rost Beef, etc." To this truly prolific period of the young 'hackney writer's' pen belongs an Epilogue, hitherto overlooked, written for Charles Johnson's five-act play Caelia or the Perjur'd Lover, and spoken by Kitty Clive.