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"Expatiate freely o'er this scene of man, A mighty maze OF WALKS WITHOUT A PLAN;" for which he wrote afterwards, "A mighty maze, BUT NOT WITHOUT A PLAN;" for if there was no plan it was in vain to describe or to trace the maze. The other alteration was of these lines:

They meet for solemn severance, knight and king, Where gate and bulwark darken o'er the sea." He gives us the words of Arthur, when the listeners "hush their hearts to hear the king": "I would not be forgotten in this land: I yearn that men I know not, men unborn, Shall find, amid these fields, King Arthur's fame.

During such a pageant of splendor as this o'er head, did we first behold the placid waters of Lake Champlain. Far away beyond the Vermont shore rose the Green mountains behind their misty veils of purplish-blue. High above the lower undulations loomed the forest crowned ridges, gloriously colored and radiant, forming a mysterious yet fitting background for the exquisite picture before us.

"Come all ye sons of freedom throughout old Michigan, Come all ye gallant lumbermen, list to a shanty man. On the banks of the Muskegon, where the rapid waters flow, OH! we'll range the wild woods o'er while a-lumbering we go." Here was the bold unabashed front of the pioneer, here was absolute certainty in the superiority of his calling, absolute scorn of all others.

And along the wall, as at a set signal, when we passed the black ruin of the old cloister and church, uprose the deep sound of men's singing, and we heard the goodly round Latin tongue roll its heavy cadence o'er our heads "Magnificat anima mea Dominum" ay, magnificat of praise and glory, as greeting this deliverance wrought by the most Holy One, and the downfall of Satan's power.

Then his limbs relaxed, his breath became calm, the face lost all trace of weariness, and he passed into a deep, mesmeric sleep. "Fold on fold of sleep was o'er him," and the fair one stood silently there, her eyes dreamy and far off, until his being was fully enrapt in that delicious state which but few on earth have experienced.

I looked back often and often; I felt very strange, sad, and yet merry, like a bird escaping from his cage. And when I had walked some distance I took out my fiddle and sang "I wander on, in God confiding, For all are His, wood, field, and fell; O'er earth and skies He still presiding, For me will order all things well."

To stigmatise false friends of thine Can ne'er defame thee. Compare the reading of the sacred page, when the family is gathered round the ingle, and 'the sire turns o'er with patriarchal grace the big ha'-bible' and 'wales a portion with judicious care, with the reading of Peebles frae the Water fit 'See, up he's got the word o' God, And meek and mim has viewed it. What a contrast!

"A noble beast," he said, "of the Windsor breed, is't not?" Then laying his hand on the graceful head, "Poor old hound, thou art o'er travelled. He is aged for such a journey, if you came from the Forest since morn. Twelve years at the least, I should say, by his muzzle." "Your reverence is right," said Stephen, "he is twelve years old.

Nicholas! Saint Nicholas! Never can grow old! Pretty gift and loving lesson, Festival and glee, Bid us thank thee as we're sailing O'er the frozen sea. Nicholas! Saint Nicholas! So we sing to thee! Jacob Poot Changes the Plan The last note died away in the distance. Our boys, who in their vain efforts to keep up with the boat had felt that they were skating backward, turned to look at one another.