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If we land at all it must be on the other side, and then we could not reckon on striking a settlement short of two hundred miles, and two hundred miles across a country like this would be almost certain death." "As the Navahoes must have ridden down, Harry, there must be water. I reckon they came down that canon opposite." "Navahoe on track in morning," the chief said quietly.

The villages formerly occupied by the Navahoes are deserted, though many of their lodges still stand; but they serve only to shelter numerous tribes of dogs, which, having increased wonderfully since there has been no one to kill and eat them, have become the lords of vast districts, where they hunt in packs.

Navahoes may come down here. Don't think they will be brave enough to enter canon, too dark to see. Still, better watch." "Just as you like, chief," Harry said, "but I have no belief that they will come down here in the dark; it would be as much as they would dare do in broad daylight.

The chief came down in a few minutes. "Navahoes all gone," he said briefly. "Then I can light a fire, chief?" Leaping Horse nodded, and Tom took out the tightly-fitting tin box in which he kept his matches.

We watched them till they had all disappeared in the horizon. And these noble fellows were Indians; had they been Texans, they would have murdered us to obtain our horses and rifles. Two days after, we crossed the Rio Grande, and entered the dreary path of the mountains In the hostile and Inhospitable country of the Navahoes and the Crows .

When daylight broke, the whites found Hunting Dog sitting with his rifle across his knees on a rock above them. "Where is the chief?" Harry asked him. "Leaping Horse went up the rocks to see if Navahoes have gone." "Very well. Tell him when he comes back we have gone down to have a look at the rapid. Tom, you may as well stay here.

He is a fighter, and don't you forget it. If it had been Navahoes instead of Utes that had caught us up in the hills, you may bet your bottom dollar our scalps would be drying in their lodges now." "That is so, Jerry," Ben put in. "Besides, the Navahoes and the Apaches have got no fear of white men.

Country all rocks and canons; cannot get through, cannot get water. Trouble with Navahoes too. Only chance get down in boat to-night. Keep close under this bank; perhaps Indians not see us, night dark." "Do you think they can cross over to this side?" "Yes, got canoe. Two canoes in village, Leaping Horse saw them on bank. When it gets dark, cross over." "We will get a start of them," Harry said.

They reckon as it's their country just as far as they like to come. They don't come up as far north as this, but where they ends and where the Utes begin no one knows but themselves; and I reckon it shifts according as the Navahoes are busy with the Mexicans in the south, or have got a quiet spell, and take it into their heads to hunt this way."

The Navahoes, living in the neighbourhood of the Club Indians, have entirely disappeared; and, though late travellers have mentioned them in their works, there is not one of them living now.