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A moment later he raised a war-yell. "Navahoe," the chief said. "Navahoe war-party come down, kill people and burn village. Must row hard." The yell had been answered from the wood, and in two or three minutes as many score of Indians appeared on the banks. They shouted to the boats to come to shore, and as no attention was paid, some of them at once opened fire.

Richard committed our horses to a Navahoe slave, a mean looking fellow taken prisoner on the Mexican frontier; and, relieving us of our rifles with ready politeness, led the way into the principal apartment of his establishment. This was a room ten feet square.

But four of the 'Rappahoe lodges are without a master, and there are five Navahoe widows." "Then you were not alone?" "Garrison was with me among the 'Rappahoes; and the Shoshone hunter, Wind-that-blows, was with me when the Navahoes came on our trail." "They had better have left you alone, chief. Do you know the Ute country?" "The Leaping Horse has been there. The Utes are dogs."

Besides, when we get a bit farther we shall be in the Navahoe country, and the Utes ain't a sarcumstance to them. The Ute ain't much of a fighter anyway. He will kill white men he finds up in his hills, 'cause he don't want white men there, but he has to be five or six to one before he will attack him. The Navahoe kills the white man 'cause he is a white man, and 'cause he likes killing.

They are a bad lot, look at them which way you will, and I don't want to have to tramp across their country noways. It was pretty hard work carrying that boat along them rocks, but I would rather have to do so, right down to the plains, then get into a muss with the Navahoes." "How far does the Navahoe country come this way?" "There ain't no fence, Tom, I expect.

If we land at all it must be on the other side, and then we could not reckon on striking a settlement short of two hundred miles, and two hundred miles across a country like this would be almost certain death." "As the Navahoes must have ridden down, Harry, there must be water. I reckon they came down that canon opposite." "Navahoe on track in morning," the chief said quietly.