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"Maning? what's the good of maning? Anyways, Anty, let me have an answer, for I'll not be making a fool of myself any longer. Somehow, all the boys here, every sowl in Dunmore, has it that you and I is to be married and now, afther promising me as you did " "Oh, I never promised, Martin." "It was all one as a promise and now I'm to be thrown overboard.

The interior boundaries of its territory, according to the Transactions of the Batavian Society, are the mountains of Rombou, inhabited by a Malayan people named Maning Cabou, and Mount Ophir, called by the natives Gunong-Ledang.

He is a hard-headed business man, Freckles, and he is doing it because he finds you worthy of it. Worthy of all we all can do and more than we know how to do, dear heart! Freckles, are you listening to me? Oh! won't you see it? Won't you believe it?" "Oh, Angel!" chattered the bewildered Freckles, "are you truly maning it? Could it be?"

"With great respect to you, Mr Daly, and not maning to say a word agin you, I don't see how Anty Lynch 'll be the betther for seeing ere an attorney in the counthry." "I don't want to frighten you, ma'am," said Daly; "but I can assure you, you will put yourself in a very awkward position if you refuse to allow me to see Miss Lynch."

I s'pose if you're maning to stay here wid us an' by G d you're wilcome you'll not be saying anything agin giving me or Corney there, a bit of a line to some of your frinds at Ballycloran, to be sending you up a thrifle of money or so, or a few odd bits of duds, or may be a lump of mate or bacon, or a pound or two of sugar to swaiten the punch."

I used to look up at the sky and mind me o' them words in the Bible, 'When I conzider the heavens, the work o' Thy vingers and the stars which Thou hast made, what is man that Thou art mindful of him? One do feel oncommon small in them trenches at night." "I suppose you've had a hot time up there?" "Ah that I have. And I zeed some bad things." "Bad?" "Cruel, sir, mortal cruel, I be maning.

Neither Hadfield, Maunsell, nor the printer Colenso were amongst the land-buyers, and the same honourable self-denial was shown by all the Catholic missionaries, and by all the Wesleyans but two. Nor were the lay land-claimants always ravenous. Maning, the Pakeha Maori, had paid £222 for his 200 acres at Hokianga. At Tauranga £50 had been given for a building site fifty feet square, in a pa.

I asked, as I slipped about on the floor, for I could not stand there firmly with my great snow-shoes on. "Maning enough, and bad maning too," the Cornish girl made answer. "Us be shut in here, and starving, and durstn't let anybody in upon us. I wish thou wer't good to ate, young man: I could manage most of thee."

"There are five saved, then," said the boatswain. "Faith, an it's five lost ye'll be maning," said O'Ready; and the state of the sea fully justified his opinion. The crew were furious when they heard of the surreptitious flight, and loaded the fugitives with all the invectives they could lay their tongues to.

Wad ye say what the maning is, and what name goeth pledge for the fafty poon, Sir?" "Mistress Precious, my meaning always is plainer than a pikestaff; and as to pledges, the pledge is the hard cash down upon the nail, ma'am." "Bank-tokkins, mayhap, and I prummeese to paa, with the sign of the Dragon, and a woman among sheeps." "Madam, a bag of solid gold that can be weighed and counted.