The sexual impulse later regularly becomes autoerotic, and only after overcoming the latency period is there a resumption of the original relation. It is not without good reason that the suckling of the child at its mother's breast has become a model for every amour. The object-finding is really a re-finding.

I was searching for a single alcoholic predilection, an individual latency " "There's no possibility of it. We at Rapid Transit do not hire people with even the merest tendency in that direction. And may I suggest, sir, that you clean your own house before making implications about others?" And with that, Mr. Bemis broke the connection. No one was going to put anything over on him.

The vermiform appendix, so necessary to the bone eaters of a carnivorous age, has no part in the physical economy of a later and more highly-evolved generation. The pineal gland and the pituitary body are adjuncts of the brain whose functions have long been in latency. The Anastatica hierochuntica, commonly called the Rose of Jericho, is a wonderful example of functional latency.

The sexual activity of the child, however, does not develop in the same measure as its other functions, but merges first into the so-called latency period from the age of three to the age of five years.

It turns out somewhat new and very unlike what he promised himself. The ancients, struck with this irreducibleness of the elements of human life to calculation, exalted Chance into a divinity; but that is to stay too long at the spark, which glitters truly at one point, but the universe is warm with the latency of the same fire.

In some instances such may have been the case, but then I should prefer to treat these rather as elementary species. But in the main we will have to assume the latency of the character in the species and its reassumption by the variety when originating, as the most probable explanation.

The most striking process of puberty has been selected as its most characteristic; it is the manifest growth of the external genitals which have shown a relative inhibition of growth during the latency period of childhood. Simultaneously the inner genitals develop to such an extent as to be able to furnish sexual products or to receive them for the purpose of forming a new living being.

It is manifest that highly developed plants have a larger number of characters than the lower groups. These must have been acquired in some way, during preceding times. Such evolution must evidently be called a process of improvement, or a progressive evolution. Contrasted to this is the loss, or the latency of characters, and this may be designated retrogressive or retrograde evolution.

How again does it explain reversion to long-lost characters and the resumption of feral characteristics? the phenomena of old age? the principle that underlies longevity? the reason why the reproductive system is generally the last to arrive at maturity, and why few further developments take place in any organism after this has been fully developed? the sterility of many animals under captivity? the development in both males and females, under certain circumstances, of the characteristics of the opposite sex? the latency of memory? the unconsciousness with which we develop, and with which instinctive actions are performed?

They are probably brought about at the cost of the infantile sexuality itself, the influx of which has not stopped even in this latency period the energy of which indeed has been turned away either wholly or partially from sexual utilization and conducted to other aims.