This is the inner bark of a certain species of tree, beaten out to the degree of fineness required, approaching the more to perfection as it resembles the softer kind of leather, some being nearly equal to the most delicate kid-skin; in which character it somewhat differs from the South Sea cloth, as that bears a resemblance rather to paper, or to the manufacture of the loom.

"I have none of the kid-skin of which your Southern books are made. Yet will not a roll of fresh white vadmal offer a fair substitute? And certainly there is enough wine " There certainly was enough, and more; yet at this suggestion an indignant murmur could not be suppressed.

The man did as he was ordered, placing everything that Leonard had about him, such as his watch, Francisco's notebook and rosary, and the great ruby stone, in a little pile upon the table. Presently he came to the fragment of poison which was wrapped in a square of kid-skin.

Arrived at the queen's palace, out of respect to his mother, the king changed his European clothes for a white kid-skin wrapper, and then walked in to see her, leaving us waiting outside. By this time Colonel Congow, in his full-dress uniform, had arrived in the square outside, with his regiment drawn up in review order.

"There is plenty for both of us," Agathemer said, "eat all you want, but eat slow and be careful not to bolt a morsel." He sat down by me and we munched in silence. By and by he asked: "Do you want any more?" "No," I answered, "you judged my capacity pretty well. I am filled up." "Don't lie down," he said, "I have a small kid-skin of wine."

This accounts for the seriousness of the elder poetry. Jokes came in with candles. We wonder how they saw to pick up a pin, if they had any. How did they sup? what a melange of chance carving they must have made of it! here one had got a leg of a goat, when he wanted a horse's shoulder there another had dipt his scooped palm in a kid-skin of wild honey, when he meditated right mare's milk.

And they thus both being agreed, habited as a page in green sarcenet, her buskins of the smoothest kid-skin, and her rapier of Lydian steel, secured over her shoulder by an orange-coloured scarf, and mounted on a gentle palfrey, she quitted the land of Georgia; one of her maidens, habited also in page's guise, attending, whom Niccolo took under his especial care.

"The ball is made of wood or brick covered with kid-skin leather, sometimes of leather curiously interwoven." II, p. 78. See also Ball-play among the Dicotis, in Philander Prescott's paper, Ibid, Vol. It will be observed that the widest difference prevails in the estimate of the distance apart at which the goals are set.

I must admit that you men of England are more skilful than we of the North in such matters. It is all well enough to scratch pictures on a rock or carve them on a door; but what will you do when you wish to move? Either you must leave them behind, or get a yoke of oxen. To have them painted on kid-skin, I like much better. You are in great luck to come into possession of such property."

We laughed a good deal before he made sure precisely where my mouth was and put into it the reed which projected from one leg of the kid-skin. I drank in abundance of a thin, sour wine, such as we kept for the slaves. It gave me new life. After that draught of wine I composed myself to sleep and went to sleep at once.