I wish I had known them better at your age; I have paid the price of three-and-fifty years for them, and shall not grudge it, if you reap the advantage. Adieu. LONDON, October 30, O. S. 1747 DEAR BOY: I am very well pleased with your 'Itinerarium, which you sent me from Ratisbon. It shows me that you observe and inquire as you go, which is the true end of traveling.

In all about three thousand took the cross; but the Crusade was delayed, zeal cooled, and it is probable that comparatively few went. The Itinerarium Regis Ricardi mentions, I think, only one exploit by a Welshman in the Third Crusade; he was an archer, and so a South Walian. This brings me to one of the incidental notes of great value scattered about the Itinerary.

A small work entitled Itinerarium Portugallensium, printed at Milan in 1508, after speaking of the island of Sayla, says that to the eastward of this there is another called Samotra, which we name Taprobane, distant from the city of Calechut about three months' voyage. The information appears to have been obtained from an Indian of Cranganore, on the coast of Malabar, who visited Lisbon in 1501.

The social and physical state of Wales indeed is illustrated by the "Itinerarium" which Gerald de Barri drew up in the twelfth century, but Scotland has no contemporary chronicles for this period; the jingling rimes of Blind Harry are two hundred years later than his hero, Wallace.

Histoire de Portugal; contenant les Entreprises, &c. des Portugais, tant en la Conquête des Indes Orientales par eux découvertes, qu'en Guerres d'Afrique et autres Exploits: nouvellement mise en Français. Par S. Goullard. Paris, 1581. 4to. Navigatio et Itinerarium in Orientalem Indiam, &c. Autore Joanne Linschot. Amsterd. 1614. folio.

Eius nobis ostendebant, et cultros, ephipiaque, et calcaria quibus vsum fuisse asserebant, in peragrando toto fere terrarum orbe, vt clarius testatur eius Itinerarium, quod typis etiam excusum passim habetur. Tabvla Praesentis Libri Ioannes Mandevil, singvla per ordinem capitula, et in eorum quolibet quid agitur, notificat euidenter. Capvt. 1 Commendatio breuis terrae Hierosolymltanae.

The collection was republished at Milan, in 1508, both in Italian, and in a Latin translation made by Archangelo Madrignano, under the title of "Itinerarium Portugallensium;" this title being given, because the work related chiefly to the voyages of Luigi Cadamosto, a Venetian in the service of Portugal.

Hee was Archbishop of Canterburie almost sixe yeres: but hauing followed the king into Syria, in the yeere 1190. he died at Tyre, where he was also buried. An annotation concerning the trauailes of the sayd Baldwirie, taken out of Giraldus Cambrensis, in his Itinerarium Cambrise, lib, a. Cap. 14. Fol 229.

Eleven chapters, making one-third of the volume, are devoted to showing this, and include the author's own itinerarium from his first consciousness of the supreme question of the soul until its final answer in the Catholic Church, embracing short accounts of the Brook Farm and Fruitlands communities, and mention of other such abortive attempts at solution.

Itinerarium Curiosum and Stonehenge . He made a special study of Druidism, and was called "the Arch-Druid." Poet, s. of a knight who had held office as Sec. of State and Comptroller of the Household to James I., was b. at Whitton, Middlesex, ed. at Camb., and thereafter went to Gray's Inn. On the death of his f. in 1627, he inherited large estates.