The mixture had better be allowed to stand several days before filling the tank; for thus the impurities of the chemicals will settle, and the clear liquor can be decanted off. The specific gravity should then be tested with the hydrometer, and may safely range from 1026 to 1028, fresh water being 1000.

Hardley, I'm at your service, as far as listening to your proposition is concerned." "Thank you. I shall endeavor to be brief," remarked the visitor. "Am I correct in assuming that you have had some experience in submarine work? I believe Mr. Damon mentioned something of that sort." "Submarine work? Bless my hydrometer, I should say so!" exclaimed the eccentric man.

But when I'm all by myself in the woods, I never think of those things." "I saw you down there by the hydrometer, all by yourself. And you were using your powder puff to beat the band." A twinkle lived for a second or two in the somber brown of Jack's eyes. "You did? Well, that was second nature. I wasn't thinking about it, anyway." "What were you thinking about when you kept staring up here?

But eight quarts of juice from ripe apples called orange, which was evidently acid, as it curdled milk and reddened infusion of turnsole and that of violet, were treated with four drachms of chalk and the white of an egg: it yielded twenty-two ounces of syrup, between thirty-two and thirty-three degrees of the hydrometer, which did not curdle milk.

I can imagine no change for the worse equal to that of coming from the blue sky and thermometer of Andalusia to the fogs and hydrometer of London, and your impaired respiratory organs must make that change peculiarly pleasant. I am very glad your impressions of Spain are the same as Granville's.

In this work certain prominent subjects have been selected with which it behoves every one to be acquainted: such, for example, as relate to what may be called our HOUSEHOLD INSTRUMENTS, namely, the Thermometer, the Barometer, and Vernier; the Hydrometer, the Hygrometer; the Tuning-Fork, Musical Glasses and Music generally; the Compass; the Prism, the Telescope, and the Sun-Dial.

Various contrivances have been devised for this purpose, the most of which operate on the principle of a hydrometer; but perhaps a more satisfactory principle would be that of a differential steam gauge, which would indicate the difference of pressure between the steam in the boiler and the steam of a small quantity of fresh water enclosed in a suitable vessel, and immerged in the water of the boiler.

The want of correct means of measuring time and temperature was severely felt; the clepsydra of Ctesibius answered very imperfectly for the former, the hydrometer floating in a cup of water for the latter; it measured variations of temperature by variations of density.

Many other pretty things he showed us, and did give me a glass bubble, to try the strength of liquors with. Robert Boyle's hydrometer, which he described in a paper in the "Philosophical Transactions" for June, 1675, under the title of a "New Essay instrument."

"Well, it's interesting to say the least," and he observed the gauge, which showed them to be twenty feet under the surface. "Bless my hydrometer, but he's got nerve for a first trip in a submarine! He's all right, isn't he?" whispered Mr. Damon to Tom. "Well, I'm glad to see he isn't nervous," remarked Tom, honest enough to give his visitor credit for what was due him.