Morgan dropped him into the river, by drawing out the nail that held the boat-hook in the wood; Blount dropped a coil of signal halyards on his head; and McDougal ducked him with the hose-pipe; and the old fellow got a bogus letter from Antwerp, inviting him to visit some of those kings, or something of that sort."

No emanation was visible from the machine, but it was stupefying to see the mob melt down." "How about the coating of the bodies with artemisium?" "There you are back on the hose-pipe again," laughed Hall. "But, to tell you the truth, I'd rather be excused from expressing an opinion on that operation in wholesale electro-plating just at present.

Her tall red funnel was inclined sharply, much of her side was above water, and muddy streams poured from the scuppers on the after deck, where men with long boots pulled a hose-pipe about. The boat was horribly dirty, but her lean bows and the length of the iron engine-room casing indicated speed.

Sometimes a kaleidoscope series of pictures would go jumbling through his brain, as though some imp were unrolling the scroll of his brain backward, forward, and sidewise; a whirling cloud of sand, a driving sheet of visible bullets; a hose-pipe that shot streams of melted steel; a forest of smokestacks; the flash of trailing phosphorescent foam; a clear sky, full of stars the mountains clear and radiant through sunlit vapours; camp-fires shooting flames into the darkness, and men and guns moving past them.

Speaking of California, the learned author writes, 'In this method the force of a jet of water with great pressure is made available both for excavating and washing the auriferous earth. The water, issuing in a continuous stream with great force from a large hose-pipe like that of a fire-engine, is directed against the base of a bank of earth and gravel, and tears it away.

All you can see above the stirred-up water are his large eyes and two wicked looking horns, which are as thick as a branch of a tree." "What an odd tail he has, much like a mule's hairless tail. It looks like a piece of hose-pipe," I exclaimed. Moro, way up on the buffalo's neck, heard me and laughed: "He can't reach me with his rubber tail."

There was still the beef-boat, which in the meantime had gone to sea and returned home again, and was now again to sea, on her way to the China station. And evidently whatever pertained to the section of hose in question was among the lost files; for certainly among the existing files there was no reference to any section of condemned hose-pipe.

The most valiant will fly at the mere utterance of that word. The most broad-minded will put their backs up against it. The most rash will not dare to affront it. I myself have seen it empty buildings that had been full; and I know that it will scatter a crowd more quickly than a hose-pipe, hornets, or the rumour of plague.

I thought of the Los Angeles River which I had crossed that morning, and of its sandy bed one hundred feet in width, with a current in the centre hardly larger than the stream from a hose-pipe, and remarked, "Surely, in some portions of this land there is more wine than water." "Where do you sell it?" I presently inquired.

Syx defended his mill became the sensation of the world for many days. The hose-pipe theory, struck off on the spot by Captain Carter, seized the popular fancy, and was generally accepted without further question. There was an element of the ludicrous which robbed the tragedy of some of its horror. Moreover, no one could deny that Dr.