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It'll about break your heart, but it will do you an awful lot of good, Matt. When you finish in the Gualala, you'll go in the Florence Ricks and run from Grays Harbor to San Pedro.

We did not see this last, so cannot vouch for it. All the streams were filled with trout, and more than once we saw the side-hill salmon on the slopes. No, side-hill salmon is not a peripatetic fish; it is a deer out of season. But the trout! At Gualala Charmian caught her first one. Once before in my life I had caught two . . . on angleworms.

What's more, I think you've enjoyed it, Matt, and I'm glad you did; but now it's time to get down to business again. I wanted to tell you that the skipper of the Gualala will expect you to be aboard at seven o'clock to-morrow morning." Matt studied the pattern of the office rug a minute and then faced Cappy bravely. "I'm obliged to you, Mr.

On occasion I had tried fly and spinner and never got a strike, and I had come to believe that all this talk of fly-fishing was just so much nature-faking. But on the Gualala River I caught trout a lot of them on fly and spinners; and I was beginning to feel quite an expert, until Nakata, fishing on bottom with a pellet of bread for bait, caught the biggest trout of all.

While relating the habits and customs of the Gualala, whose homes were near Fort Ross, he describes what he calls the gambling game of "wi and tep" and says that one description with slight variations will answer for nearly all the tribes of central and southern California.

He went to his boarding house, paid his landlady, packed his clothes and sent them down to the Gualala, rubbing her blistered sides against Howard Street Pier No. 1. At seven o'clock next morning he was aboard her and at seven-five he superintended the casting off of the stern lines and his apprenticeship in steam had commenced. Cappy Ricks was in a fine rage.

Matt cried desperately. "I'm free, white and " "Twenty-three!" jeered Cappy. "You big, awkward pup! How dare you growl at me! I know what's good for you. You go to sea on the Gualala." "I must decline " "Oh, all right! Have it your own way," said Cappy. "But, at the rate you've been blowing your money in on Florry for the past two weeks, I'll bet your wad has dwindled since you struck town.

We'll make a new start, Matthew; and if you pay attention to business it's barely possible you may amount to something yet. "I'm going to provide a berth for you, my boy, as second mate on the dirtiest, leakiest little bumboat you ever saw our steam schooner Gualala.

"You needn't count on a job ashore with the Blue Star Navigation Company," Cappy railed. "You needn't think " "Have I your permission to call on Miss Florry again?" Matt asked humbly. "No!" thundered Cappy. "You're as nervy as they make 'em! No, sir! You'll go to sea in the Gualala to-morrow morning d'ye hear? That's what you'll do!" But Matt Peasley shook his head.

The idea of two years' probation as second and first mate didn't appeal to me, so while I was waiting round to join the Gualala I went up for my ticket as master of steam. I passed, but when I told your father I had a license to command the largest steam freighter he owns, he only laughed at me and told me the inspectors weren't running his business for him.