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Herds of tame or half-wild horses roam at large through the glades; wild boars house among the reeds on the river banks; and the chamois looks down from its rocks upon wild deer and gazelles grazing unscared in the vicinity of the habitations of man.

The larger game were bears, gazelles, wolves, wild boars, and a small leopard. The small game nearer home were partridges, quail, and woodcock, with which we replenished our larder. I am fond of sport; and, though I say it, I was not a bad shot in those days. The hotter part of the day we spent indoors reading, writing, and studying Arabic.

After he had satiated himself with her charms, He turned his countenance to his cattle. The reposing gazelles saw Eabani, The cattle of the field turned away from him. Eabani was startled and grew faint, His limbs grew stiff as his cattle ran off. But Ukhat has gained control of him. He gives up the thought of gazelles and cattle, and returns to enjoy the love of Ukhat. His senses return,

What will your last petal say to him who plucks it? A little, a little, but not all. That is the moral of the world, that is the end of your smiles. It is over this terrible abyss that you are walking in your spangled gauze; it is on this hideous reality you run like gazelles on the tips of your little toes!" "But why take things so seriously?" said Desgenais.

Albuquerque in his 'Commentaries' says: 'There are many who hunt with falcons about the size of our goshawks, and take by their aid certain creatures smaller than gazelles, training very swift hounds to assist the falcon in catching the prey. In their ordinary life the Bahrein people still retain the primitiveness of the Bedouin.

Whence should gazelles indeed her shape's perfection get Or yet her honeyed lips so sweet to taste and smell, Or those great eyes of hers, so dire to those who love, That bind their victims fast in passion's fatal spell? I dote on her with all the folly of a child. What wonder if he turn a child who loves too well!

Nor was there a sound, nor a voice, or a cry, or the faintest murmur in The Desert, save the heavy dull tramp of our caravan: all else was the silence of death! However, my Marabout tells me, in the winter the whole scene is changed. "There is then," he says, "herbage, rain, birds, gazelles, and all things."

This delay, this mystery of servants, that outer court with the camels, gazelles, and other beautiful-eyed things, affected me prodigiously all the time he was staying away; and while I was examining the strange apartment and its contents, my respect and awe for the owner increased vastly. It is about forty feet long, and eighteen or twenty high.

There was a North American buffalo of immense size; also an elephant from Africa, and one from Asia; beside these, a prodigious number of gazelles, deer, cats, and dogs; skeletons of a hippopotamus and an elephant; and lastly the fossil bones of a mammoth.

"This is not your feeding-time, you know," Chebron said, looking at the gazelles, "and for once we have come empty-handed; but we will give you something from your stores. See, Jethro, this is their larder," and he led the way into a structure somewhat larger than the rest; along the walls were a number of boxes of various sizes, while some large bins stood below them.