The real medicine-man, Mr. Marett says, is largely a 'faith-healer' and 'soul-doctor'; he believes in his vocation, and undergoes much for the sake of it: "The main point is to grasp that by his special initiation and the rigid taboos which he practises not to speak of occasional remarkable gifts, say of trance and ecstasy, which he may inherit by nature and have improved by art he HAS access to a wonder-working power.... And the great need of primitive folk is for this healer of souls."

"I don't quite understand you," said Phillida. "No; of course not. I am a faith-healer myself." "Are you?" said Phillida, mechanically, with a slight mental shudder at finding herself thus classified with one for whom she did not feel any affinity. "Yes; that is, I was. I began as a faith-doctor, but I found there was a great deal more in it, don't you know?"

One who tried it recently, and who pulled down his shingle in disgust after a week, says competition is too strong, as the village is obsessed with the belief that they have a sort of faith-healer in their midst to whom is attributed cures of all descriptions stretching back for a generation or more.

Miss Bowyer paused here waiting for this great truth to produce its effect; then she said, "Don't you think so?" and looked straight at Phillida. "I haven't thought a great deal about it," said Phillida. "No?" This was said with the rising inflection. "I thought not; mere faith-healing doesn't require much thought. I know, you see, having been a faith-healer at first. But we must go deeper.

The meal was well-nigh finished when Philip said to his cousin who confronted him there were only four at the table: "Phillida, I saw Mrs. Maginnis day before yesterday at Mrs. Benthuysen's. She is still sounding your praises as a faith-healer, but she confided to me that a pious girl and a minister's daughter ought not to be proud. She suggested that you didn't get that from your father.

Lord, if I was sick, I'd rather have a faith-healer than Westlake, and she's another slice off the same bacon. What I can't understand though " She waited, taut. " is whatever possessed you to let her pump you, bright a girl as you are.

"Yes; I know," said Phillida, compressing her lips. "Did you not treat this Schulenberg girl as a faith-healer?" "I prayed for her as a friend," said Phillida, "and encouraged her to believe that she might be healed if she could exercise faith. She did get much better." "I know, I know," said the doctor in an offhand way; "a well-known result of strong belief in cases of nerve disease.

Then begging her pardon for disturbing her on Sunday afternoon, he asked: "Have you heard anything about Miss Callender's course as a faith-healer?" Mrs. Hilbrough took a moment to think before replying. Here was a direct, even abrupt, approach to a matter of delicacy. There was a complete lack of the diplomatic obliquity to be expected in such a case.

Mrs. Martin laid Tommy on the bed and opened the door. Charley beckoned her to be silent and to come out. "What is the name of the faith-healer, Aunt Hannah?" he whispered. "Miss Bowyer." "Does she still refuse to leave?" "Oh, yes! She declares she will not leave." "You want her out?" "Yes; I want a doctor," said Mrs. Martin, giving her hands a little wring.