"How did you know that your scheme had succeeded?" he asked, presently. "I read my success in your face as you came towards this gate just now. It was the face of an acknowledged heir; and now, perhaps, you will be good enough to tell me your news." Reginald related all that had happened; the use he had made of Lydia Graham's malice; the interview with his uncle after Lady Eversleigh's return.

Its marble whiteness was dyed by a vivid crimson a sudden flush of shame or indignation, which passed away quickly; but a dark shadow remained upon Lady Eversleigh's brow after that red glow had faded from her cheek. No one observed that change of countenance. The moment was a solemn one; and even those who did not really feel its solemnity, affected to do so.

"Show me to Lady Eversleigh's rooms at once," he said to one of the servants in the hall. "I beg your pardon, sir," said the man; "what name did you say?" "Lady Eversleigh Eversleigh a widow-lady, staying in this house." "There must be some mistake, sir. There is no one of that name at present staying in the hotel," answered the man.

Only a month had elapsed since Lionel Dale's death, when Reginald Eversleigh and Paulina had the interview described above. And now it seemed as though Fate itself were conspiring with the conspirators, for the watch kept upon them by Andrew Larkspur was perforce delayed, and Lady Eversleigh's designs of retributive punishment were suspended. A few days after the return of Mr.

He had brooded long and gloomily over his misery, and had come to a determination as to the line of conduct which he should pursue towards his wife. He went now to Lady Eversleigh's apartments, in order to inform her of his decision; but, to his surprise, he found the rooms empty. His wife's maid was sitting at needlework by one of the windows of the dressing-room.

The baronet was delighted with the musical talents of his guest because they assisted much in the display of Lady Eversleigh's exceptional power. Victor Carrington's brilliant playing set off the magnificent singing of Honoria. With him as her accompanyist, she sang as she could not sing without his aid.

Brunton, Sibyl's guardian, and his family forced him to recover himself, and showed him that the story of his devotion to John Dornton had suffered nothing from Miss Eversleigh's recital.

He looked from them to Honoria, the woman against whom he had plotted the woman who triumphed in spite of him for he could not imagine that grief for a dead husband could have any place in the heart of a woman who found herself mistress of such a domain as Raynham, and its dependencies. Lady Eversleigh's astonishment was unbounded.

Our head-coachman warn't near enough to her to speak to her; and though he tried to catch her eye he couldn't catch it; but he'll take his Bible oath that the young woman he saw was Jane Payland, Lady Eversleigh's own maid. Now, that's rather a curious circumstance, is it not, Mr. Maunders?"

There was that in Sir Reginald Eversleigh's tone which attracted the attention of the men within hearing almost all of whom were well acquainted with the careers of the two cousins, and many of whom knew them personally. Though the club loungers were too well-bred to listen, it was nevertheless obvious that the attention of all had been more or less aroused by the baronet's tone and manner.