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The Ringed Plover is another bird which loves the sandy, pebbly margin of the sea. Have you ever watched him there? He is not much larger than a plump lark, and he runs quickly along the beach, stooping now and again to pick up the morsels of food which his keen eye detects. But, all the while, he is watching you with the other eye, for he is a wary little bird, and not to be taken by surprise.

Take again the common rhetoric that has fixed itself in conversation in all Latin languages rhetoric that has ceased to have allusions, either majestic or comic. To the ear somewhat unused to French this proffers a frequent comedy that the well-accustomed ear, even of an Englishman, no longer detects.

Animals and men in rapid movement, railway trains, the waves of the sea are thus photographed, and when the serial pictures are thrown successively on the screen the result is that the eye detects no interval between the successive pictures the figures appear as continuous moving objects.

Forlorn Condition of Flanders Parma's secret Negotiations with the Queen Grafigni and Bodman Their Dealings with English Counsellors Duplicity of Farnese Secret Offers of the English Peace-Party Letters and Intrigues of De Loo Drake's Victories and their Effect Parma's Perplexity and Anxiety He is relieved by the News from England Queen's secret Letters to Parma His Letters and Instructions to Bodman Bodman's secret Transactions at Greenwich Walsingham detects and exposes the Plot The Intriguers baffled Queen's Letter to Parma and his to the King Unlucky Results of the Peace Intrigues Unhandsome Treatment of Leicester Indignation of the Earl and Walsingham Secret Letter of Parma to Philip Invasion of England recommended Details of the Project.

The powers of woman go not so far: if the matter is of finer feeling, such as pity, mercy, sympathy, that she detects; and therein is a difference between her and man which will endure as long as she remains, by nature, alive to such feelings. She was simply sure he brought some wound of life for healing.

Yet I'm yere to assert, son, that them sacred people ain't on speakin' terms compared to the way that pore old lovin' Tom mule feels towards Jerry. "This affection of Tom's is partic'lar amazin' when you-all recalls the fashion in which the sullen Jerry receives it. Doorin' the several years I spends in their s'ciety I never once detects Jerry in any look or word of kindness to Tom.

Behind the scenes, these odors mingle with a chronic, all-pervading smell of beer beer, which the stranger's sensitive nose detects directly, in spite of the choking clouds of dust which arise from the boards at the smallest movement of any part of the painted scenery.

Here and there you observe strange hunks of meat held together by a wisp of straw that your guide tells you with immobile countenance are rat hams, and in sundry shops your ready eye thereafter detects tiny dried carcasses that can only be rats.

He will not go back until she be frightened half to death. Well, twice or thrice has she passed before his sight, each time with a heavier step, a paler cheek and more anxious brow, and in the third week of his non-appearance he detects a portent of evil entering the house in the guise of an apothecary. Next day the knocker is muffled.

But a gulf divides them from the bristling little imagery of the Christian sarcophagi, in which, at the same time, one detects a vague emulation of the rich examples by which their authors were surrounded.

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