Coulam may possibly be Cochin or Calicut, on the Malabar coast as being south-west from Moabar or Coromandel, and having Jews and Christians; as the original trade from the Red Sea to India was on this coast. Camari or Comati, and Delai or Orbai, are obviously the names of towns and districts on the Malabar coast going north from Coulain. Yet Comari may refer to the country about Cape Comorin.

In 1772, a frontier warfare having broken out between the "Booteas," dependants of Thibet, and the English Government, in consequence of the aggression of the former, Teshoo Lama, at the time regent of Thibet and guardian of the Delai Lama, his superior in religious rank, united in his own person the political authority and the spiritual hierarchy of the country, subservient only to the Emperor of China.

It was introduced into the country about the seventh century of our era; and although Sakya mounee, who is supposed by the Thibetians to have lived one thousand years before Christ, is still believed to be the founder of the present system, the Delai Lama, at Lassa, is regarded as an incarnation of Buddha, and is the supreme infallible head of the whole Thibetian religious community.

Le dialogue suivant s'établit: M. HYMANS: Cela serait-il une condition d'armistice? M. SONNINO: C'est plutôt une condition de paix. M. BONAR LAW: Il est inutile d'insérer dans les conditions d'armistice une clause qui ne pourrait être exécutée dans un bref délai.

Les debats ne sont pas publics; les candidats n'ecrivent pas de demande; celui qui les propose parle en son propre noni, ct est meme cense les proposer a leur insu. Enfin, le public ne connait que le nom de l'elu. Je crois que vous avez envoye a M. Barthelemy St.-Hilaire les renseignements necessaires. Si cela n'est pas fait, faites-le, je vous prie, sans delai.

No. 15. Le Chargé d'affaires en France an Ministre des Affaires Etrangères. Paris, le 12/25 Juillet 1914. Ai reçu le télégramme du 11/24 Juillet concernant la prolongation du délai de l'ultimatum autrichien et ai fait la communication prescrite. Le Représentant de France

Delai has a king, and its inhabitants have a peculiar language and are idolaters. Ships from Mangi come here for trade. Malabar is a kingdom in the west, in which, and in Guzerat , there are many pirates, who sometimes put to sea with an hundred sail of vessels, and rob merchants. In these expeditions they take their wives and children to sea along with them, where they remain all summer.