Have taken liberty of substituting fifty Micas, the Mica being the same in every respect except the name plate. In fact, the two firms, with others, have a "gentleman's agreement" sharing patents, keeping up separate plants only to preserve the appearance of competition. Next! "'Brown, Small & VanRiper, Hartford, Ct.

If we take seriously what this simple consideration tells us of the nature of multiplication, and if we do not allow ourselves to deviate from it for whatever purpose we make use of this algebraic operation, then the various concepts we connect with the basic measurements in physics undergo a considerable change of meaning. It is written c = s / t, or s = ct.

Att.-Gen. My lord, we pray for the King that he may be asked to plead. Cl. of Ct. Are you guilty of the murder whereof you stand indicted, or not guilty? Pris. My lord, I would humbly offer this to the court. If I plead now, shall I have an opportunity after to except against the indictment?

"Or 3 if they affirm upon oath ye pty hath done any accon or work wch inferreth a ct wth ye devill, as to shew ye face of a man in a glass, or used inchantmts or such feates, divineing of things to come, raising tempests, or causing ye forme of a dead man to appeare or ye like it sufficiently pves a witch.

H.L. Hammond, of Killingly, Ct., makes a speciality of the rare Australian cats, and has taken numerous prizes with them at every cat show in this country, where they are universally admired. His Columbia is valued at six hundred dollars, and his Tricksey at five hundred dollars. They are, indeed, beautiful creatures, though somewhat unique in the cat world, as we see it.

Wanted to Speak against Slavery. Collinsville, CT., March 22, 1844. Friends: I call all people friends who have for their object the elevation of the human race and are opposed to all oppression in any form, who do not wish to build up one class at the expense of the other.

Hitchman Coal and Coke Co. v. Mitchell et al, 245 U.S. 229 . Duplex Printing Press Co. v. Deering, 41 Sup. Ct. 172 . Montana allows the "unfair list" and California allows all boycotts. American Steel Foundries of Granite City, Illinois, v. Tri-City Central Trades' Council, 42 Sup. Ct. 72 . Truax et al. v. Corrigan, 42 Sup. Ct. 124 .

T. S. Beckwith. In speaking of the mercantile interests of Cleveland as developed by her prominent operators, it is with pleasure we produce a brief notice of Mr. T. S. Beckwith, one of our well known and most successful merchants. He was born in Lyme, CT, Jan. 11, 1821.

Jarndyce being abt to rece into his house, under an Order of the Ct of Chy, a Ward of the Ct in this cause, for whom he wishes to secure an elgble compn, directs us to inform you that he will be glad of your serces in the afsd capacity.

We close these testimonials with an extract, of a letter from William Bolles, Esq., a well known and respected citizen of New London, Ct. "Mr. Nehemiah Caulkins resides in the town of Waterford, about six miles from this City. His opportunities to acquire exact knowledge in relation to Slavery, in that section of our country, to which his narrative is confined, have been very great.