They are bankers, shopkeepers, and landholders, who have only come to "pay their respects," with ever so little a petition as a corollary. The chuprassie-vultures hover about them. Each of these obscene fowls has received a gratification from each of the clean fat men; else the clean fat men would not be in the verandah. The English call these offerings "dollies"; the natives dáli.

They were pretty thick, I gather: real brother and sister team." "Good family, bad kids," Mike muttered. He had wandered over to the wall to look at his Dali. It had fallen to the floor, but it wasn't hurt. The Valois was bent, but it could be fixed up easily enough. "I wonder," Mike said, picking up the head of a smashed figurine and looking at it.

But when the sum was offered to Dali Mami he declared it wholly insufficient for purchasing the freedom of such a captive, though it was considered adequate as the ransom of the younger brother Rodrigo.

The upshot was that the unhappy gardener was hanged by his master, and the prisoners taken possession of by the Dey, who, however, afterwards restored most of them to their masters, but kept Cervantes, paying Dali Mami 500 crowns for him.

The practice of tatu is so widely spread throughout Borneo that it seems simpler to give a list of the tribes that do not tatu, than of those who do. Punan. 2. Maloh. 3. Land Dyak. Malanau. 5. Miri. 6. Dali. 7. Narom. 8. Siduan 10. Tutong. 11. Balait. 12. Bisaya. 14. Kadayans.

Among the bronze objects found, some may have been merely ornaments, others stands for rings, bracelets, and the like. One terra-cotta vase from Dali seems made for holding pigments, and raises the suspicion that Phoenician, or at any rate Cyprian, beauties were not above heightening their charms by the application of paint. Women in Phoenicia seem to have enjoyed considerable freedom.

"Alas," he replied, "if it has been a gallant deed it has not been a good one, for my three brothers are dead and my four nephews are dead." "Ah me!" cried Becfola, "why did you fight that fight?" "For the lordship of this island, the Isle of Fedach, son of Dali."

Mentieth, Mrs. Campbell, and her charge, a few rumors got abroad that the little earl was "no a'richt" if an earl could be "no a' richt" which the simple folk about Loch Beg and Loch Mhor, accustomed for generations to view the Earls of Cairnforth much as the Thibetians view their Dali Lama, thought hardly possible. But what was wrong with him nobody precisely knew.

But Dali Mami had found on Cervantes the letters addressed to the King by Don John and the Duke of Sesa, and, concluding that his prize must be a person of great consequence, when the money came he refused it scornfully as being altogether insufficient.

Dali DeWeese, of Colorado, and A.J. Stone, Collector of Arctic Mammals for the American Museum of Natural History. Mr.