I burst on him, and told him I had a case of catalepsy for him it wasn't catalepsy, you know, but physicians are fond of Greek; they prefer the wrong Greek word to the right English. So I called it 'catalepsy, and said I believed they were going to bury a live man. He shrugged his shoulders, and said that was one of the customs of the country. He would come in an hour.

In face of fate too powerful for his will, his turmoil, anxiety, and even restlessness had ceased; his life floated in the ether of "what must come, will." Out of this catalepsy, his spirit sometimes fell headlong into black waters. In one such whirlpool he was struggling on the night of Christmas Eve. When the girl rose from her knees he asked her: "What did you see?"

As for Beatrice, though she still seemed like a woman that was stricken with a catalepsy, she was, by her father's orders, girded in a white gown and girdled and garlanded with white roses, and in such guise Messer Folco and Messer Simone between them with my curse on them for a fool and a knave led their helpless victim from the Portinari house into the open air.

The girl was kept alive by liquid nourishment poured into her mouth. There are on record a large number of cases of persons who have slept for several months. The next higher stage of hypnotism is that of catalepsy. Patients may be thrown into it directly, or patients in the lethargic state may be brought into it by lifting the eyelids.

I would rather she should be an 'optical illusion' or a fit of 'catalepsy, or even a 'spectre, than a sweetheart of yours, as I first took, her to be. "'Be not afraid. You have no living rival, Alicia, answered her husband. "And the reconciliation between the husband and the wife was complete from that time forth. "But somehow the condition of the lady was worse than before. "She was haunted.

Her body was already stiffening in death; the breath from her lips would scarcely have dimmed a mirror; the eyes only, wide-open, were fixed and brilliant, as though the whole remaining life of the body, dead before its time, were centred, there. Roland had heard of this strange state called ecstasy, which is nothing else than catalepsy. He saw that Amelie was a victim of that preliminary death.

She just went completely out of existence, like yesterday's paper. I was so deadly tired. And I dare say that my week or ten days of affaissement of what was practically catalepsy was just the repose that my exhausted nature claimed after twelve years of the repression of my instincts, after twelve years of playing the trained poodle. For that was all that I had been.

His face lighted with a merry smile that was good to see as he crossed over to her with outstretched hand, saying laughingly: "The lost is found! Well, young lady, this is a pretty performance! What do you mean by shocking your fond relatives and friends almost into catalepsy?

The second stage is that of catalepsy, certainly not a healthy condition to be in. Its grand feature is a plastic immobility by which the subject maintains all the attitudes given to his body and limbs, but with this peculiarity, that the limbs and features act in unison.

"I bring a message of peace and forgiveness from a guest of former years," he said; and pointed, as he spoke, to the place where he had been wounded in the neck. For one moment, Gabriel saw his father trembling violently from head to foot then his limbs steadied again stiffened suddenly, as if struck by catalepsy.