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Make the Burgers ours, Raise Soldiers for our guard, strengthen our side Against the now unequall opposition Of this Prince that contemns us; at the worst, When he shall know there are some Regiments We may call ours, and that have no dependaunce Upon his favour, 'twill take from his pride And make us more respected. Mod. May it prove so. Enter Bredero, Vandort, Officers. Bre. Good day, my Lord.

We are homeward bound, where we shall make you wellcom, You have instructed us in what free fashion. Come, Gentlemen, let's now goe take our rest: Prowd confidence is but a foole at best. Actus Tercius. Enter Bredero, Vandort. Bre. Myne Heire Vandort, what thinck ye of the Prince now? Vandort.

Enter Barnavelt, Modesbargen, Leidenberch, Grotius Bredero, Vandort & Hogerbeets. Will. Your good and great example tyes us all, Sir. Cap. The Councell's broken up. Or.

But let not that discourage you: though Van Dort And Bredero, with others, have assented To force this Towne, stand you still on your Guard, And on my reputation rest assured With violence they never dare attempt you; For that would give the world to understand Th'united Provinces, that by their concord So long have held out 'gainst th'opposition Of all Spaines Governours, their plotts and armyes, Make way to their most certaine ruyn by A Civill warre.

What plague sore have ye spide, what taynt in honour, What ill howre in my life so cleere deserving That rancks in this below your fellowships? Bredero. Such a verse as, "In every Princes Court highly esteemd of," or, "Now in the time you ought to fix your faith fast," can belong only to Fletcher.

Make out for the fellow That came with this device. 'Twas queintly carried: The stalke pluckt cleanly out, and in the quill This scroll conveyd. What ere it be the Prince Shall instantly peruse it. Enter Orange, Wm., Vandort, Bredero. Or. How came you by this? Prov. I intercepted it in a dish of Peares Brought by a man of Barnavelts, but sent to him From some of better ranck. Or.

Prethee, good Girle, Be not so cruell to thy aged father To somme up all his miseries before him. Daught. I come, Sir, to entreat your Company. Bar. I am not alone. Daught. My Mother will not eate, Sir. What fitt is this! Bar. There can be no attonement: I know the Prince: Vandort is fleshd upon me, And Bredero, though he be of noble nature, Dare not step in. Wher's my Son William?

Away, away; and keepe your pistolls spand still: We may be forced. Mod. I am undon for ever. Enter Orange, Bredero, Vandort. Bred. Is't possible he should be so far tempted To kill himself? Vand. 'Has don it and most desperately, Nor could strong nature stay his hand, his owne Child That slept beside him: which showes him guilty, lords, More then we suspected. Or.

My ruyns shall reach all: the valiant Soldier, Whose eies are unacquainted but with anger, Shall weep for me because I fedd and noursd him; Princes shall mourne my losse, and this unthanckfull, Forgetful Cuntry, when I sleepe in ashes, Shall feele and then confes I was a father. Enter P. of Orange, William, Bredero, Vandort, Lords, Collonells, Captaines. Bred. Will your Excellence please to sitt?

Thomas Pollard. In the right hand margin is a stage-direction, scored through, "Droms Enter ye Arminians: pass over." MS. Enter Bredero, Vandort and 2 Lords. The words in Roman letters are scored through in the MS. The brackets are mine: whoever excluded the 2 Lords left these words standing by an oversight. These weak endings without a pause are characteristic of Massinger.