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For the which honour, gift, and confirmation to him by me made, he hath doone homage to me, and with a corporall oth hath assured me, that he shall be faithfull and loiall to me, and shall to his power preserue my life and honour: and I on the other side shall maineteine and preserue him as my sonne and heire in all things to my power, and so far as by any waies or meanes I may.

Why, thou shalt be an heire and rule the rost Of halfe a shire, and thy father would but Dye once; Come to the Sizes with a band of Janisaries To equall the Grand Signor, all thy tenants, That shall at their owne charge make themselves fine And march like Cavaliers with tilting feathers, Gaudy as Agamemnons in the play: After whome thou, like St.

Therefore they aduised him to publish it, that he challenged the realme not onelie by conquest, but also because he by king Richard was adopted as heire, and declared by resignation as his lawfull successor, being next heire male to him of the blood roiall. But to procéed to other dooings.

Her fathers footman was here; she is a knights daughter And heire, but she does not know it yet. Sis. I thinke so. Cou. Where's my Uncle. Tho. A mile ons way to London by this tyme with Sir Richard. Cou. Wee shall want companie to dance. Enter Ladie. Sis. My Sister. Cou.

He was the first Podesta, or Ruler, that the Common wealth of Venice appointed in Constantinople in the yeere 1205 when our state had rule thereof with the French Barons. This Gentleman had a sonne named Messer Pietro, who was the father of the Duke Rinieri, which Duke dying without issue, made his heire M. Andrea, the sonne of M. Marco his brother.

O but when he came to the chamber where his Geraldines cleere Sunbeams first thrust themselues into this cloude of flesh, and acquainted mortalitie with the puritie of Angels, then did his mouth ouerflowe with magnificats, his tongue thrust the starres out of heauen, and eclipsed the Sun and Moone with comparisons, Geraldine was the soule of heauen, sole daughter and heire to primus motor.

Know yee that I king Stephan, haue ordeined Henrie duke of Normandie after me by right of inheritance to be my successour, and heire of the kingdome of England, and so haue I giuen and granted to him and his heires the kingdome of England.

Tho. Ashton, S.T.P., Præb. senr. Will. Blake, S.T.P., Decanus. Hen. Goodman, S.T.B., Præb. junr. "'Ah! said Uncle Oldys, 'grave discomfort! So he thought there might be something. I suspect it was that young man, he went on, pointing with the key to the line about the 'only Child and Heire. 'Eh, Mary? The viscounty of Kildonan was Saul. 'How do you know that, Uncle? said Mary.

If therefore he will have no Heyre, there is no Soveraignty, nor Subjection. The case is the same, if he dye without known Kindred, and without declaration of his Heyre. For then there can no Heire be known, and consequently no Subjection be due. In Case Of Banishment If the Soveraign Banish his Subject; during the Banishment, he is not Subject.

My Surgeon sayes no danger; when you please, I may venture, Sir, to London. Ri. No hast now. Cou. Not to-night, Sir; wee must have revells and you salute my Bride. Un. And mine. Tho. A knights Daughter and heire. Fra. May all joy thrive upon your Loves. Then you are cosend of your Mistres, Mounseir? Do. But your nephew knowes I have met with my match. Some bodie has been put to the sword. Ri.

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