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Yet with an impulse that came through even that red fog of fury Parish Thornton turned his head and looked for the fraction of an instant down upon the gray roof and the green tree where the shadows lay lengthed in the valley and in that half second of diverted gaze Rowlett launched himself like a charging bull, with head down to ram his adversary's solar plexus and with arms outstretched for a bone-breaking grapple.

This theory of yours looks heretical. Columbus might well quake in his boots at the mention of heresy; for there was that new Inquisition just in fine running order, with its elaborate bone-breaking, flesh-pinching, thumb-screwing, banging, burning, mangling system for heretics. What would become of the Idea if he should get passed over to that energetic institution?

John's breath came and went quickly, as though he would have been well enough pleased to begin the bone-breaking business at once. Theobald turned of an ashen colour not, as he explained afterwards, at the idle threats of a detected and angry ruffian, but at such atrocious insolence from one of his own servants.

You brace yourself, you grip desperately a pair of brass handles in front of you, while leviathan hesitates, seems to sit up on his haunches, and then gently buries his nose in the pasty clay and paws his way upward into the field beyond. It was like sitting in a huge rocking-chair. That we might have had a bump, and a bone-breaking one, I was informed after I had left the scene of the adventure.

It surely was a bone-breaking, back-breaking game during my own student days. "And yet," he went on with a reminiscent smile, "even that was child's play compared with what it was a thousand years ago." "What!" cried Dick. "Is the game as old as that?" "Much older," was the reply. "The Greeks and Romans played it two or three thousand years ago.

When we struck on tussocks of the wiry grass we were grateful, but for the most part we were falling with bone-breaking jerks into miry pitfalls, or tumbling into space as we ran, and coming up with a splash and a struggle in some deep pool or wide-flowing ditch. There is a limit, however, to human endurance, even where liberty is at stake.

He could not even buck straight with the bone-breaking energy. He was nearly done, with a tell-tale wheeze in his lungs, with blood pressure making his eyes start well-nigh from his head, and a bloody froth choking him.

The fighters were all muscular, well-trained fighters. But for the most part they fought in the manner of Chinese ta chaen, or Japanese ju-jutsu men. They used holds that were bone-breaking and it taxed the pair to the utmost to keep from being maimed by their killing strength. The swarthy men were men of courage, no doubt about that. They fought with silent ferocity.

"Fret not, the bones of the Jew will soon be broken." "Wouldst thou break them sooner for a piece of gold?" and he drew from his cloak a wallet. The soldier sprang up eagerly and held out his hand saying, "A coin upon the palm doth grant thy desire before thine eyes. The coin then come, let us to the bone-breaking."

My bone-breaking job was getting my coal aboard. For ease in handling and in stowing it though I lost a little room that way I put it in canvas sacks, of which I luckily found some bales in the steamer's cargo.