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"I announce a great individual, fluid as Nature, chaste, affectionate, compassionate, fully arm'd, I announce a life that shall be copious, vehement, spiritual, bold," and much more to the same effect. "I say nourish a great intellect, a great brain: If I have said anything to the contrary, I hereby retract it."

Ha, ha, ha why this is the strangest thing to see an old Fellow, a Magistrate of the City, the first Night he's married, forsake his Bride and Bed, and come arm'd Cap-a-pee, like Gargantua, to disturb another old Fellow, and banter him with a Tale of a Tub; and all to be-cuckold him here in plain English, what's your Business? Sir Feeb. Why, what the Devil's your Business, and you go to that?

Hicks, who was the Officer ashore, did all in his power to intice them to him by offering them presents; but it was to no purpose, all they seem'd to want was for us to be gone. After staying a Short time they went away. They were all Arm'd with Darts and wooden Swords; the darts have each 4 prongs, and pointed with fish bones.

I put off with the Boats mann'd and Arm'd in order to land to look for fresh Water, these 2 Men along with us; but the surf running very high, and it begun to blow and rain at the same time, I returned back to the Ship, having first put the 2 Chiefs into one of their Canoes.

Soon after this we discover'd several bodys of the Natives marching towards us, upon which we retir'd aCross the River, and joind the wooders; and with us came the 3 Natives we had just parted with, for we could not prevail upon them to go to their own people. We had no sooner got over the River than the others assembled on the other side to the Number of 150 or 200, all Arm'd.

With the same charms our souldier had won her to be in love with life, he addrest himself as a lover; nor did his person appear less agreeable to the chaste lady, than his conversation; and the maid, to raise her opinion of him, thus apply'd her self: "And arm'd with pleasing love dare you ingage, E're you consider in whose tents you are?"

Warmish forenoon, after the storm of the past few days. I see, passing up, in the broad space between the curbs, a big squad of a couple of hundred conscripts, surrounded by a strong cordon of arm'd guards, and others interspers'd between the ranks.

Ay, still a lover of the beast and bird? But these arm'd men will you not hide yourself? Perchance the fierce De Brocs from Saltwood Castle, To assail our Holy Mother lest she brood Too long o'er this hard egg, the world, and send Her whole heart's heat into it, till it break Into young angels. Pray you, hide yourself. Becket.

There stands the Traitor, with a guilty Look, That Traitor, who the easier to deceive me, Betray'd my Sister; yet till I came and saw The Perjury, I could not give a Faith to't. By Heaven, Diana loves him, nay, dotes on him, I find it in her Eyes; all languishing, They feed the Fire in his: arm'd with a double Rage, I know I shall go through with my Revenge. Sir Tim. Fair Maid Phil.

What man dare, I dare: Approach thou like the rugged Russian bear, The arm'd rhinoceros, or Hyrcanian tiger; Take any shape but that, and my firm nerves Shall never tremble. "'Ware names, Jack," cried the impatient mariner, "if so be as how you'll bear a hand and rig yourself, and take a short trip with me into the offing, we'll overhaul this here affair in the turning of a capstan."