Fortunately, their fire-arms and ammunition-belts had been carried by the Indians who lay nearest to them; they marked this while the fire was still blazing, and therefore knew where to find them. While Fenton crawled towards one, Gilbert in the same way approached the other, now stooping, now moving a few inches, till he felt his hands on his weapon.

The Americans in the river, held their rifles and ammunition-belts high, and wriggled their hips against the butting force of the stream. It all became very business-like. The battalion first across, set out to flank the native works; a rapid-fire gun started to boom from an opposite eminence, and the infantry took to firing at the emptying trenches.

"Oh, yes, I understand," said the mate, smiling in a peculiar way; and he went to the arms rack and took down two rifles and ammunition-belts for the second mate and himself. "Hold hard a minute," said the captain. "Just understand this, Dellow: if they leave you alone you leave them alone. If they don't they must take the consequences." "I understand," said the mate coolly.

Another hour passed before Sir Humphrey and his brother went below, and then their first act was to thrust cartridges into their guns and rifles, and to lay them with their ammunition-belts ready to hand; but even after that precaution sleep was slow in coming to Brace's pillow, for he lay listening to the rush, gurgle, and splash of the river till the strange sounds grew confused and died out, all but a peculiar rustling that seemed to be made by a huge serpent creeping among the branches of the trees: and this puzzled the listener, for it was impossible that trees and a huge reptile could be out in the middle of the great muddy river.

No sooner was this understood than our men rose with an uncontrollable burst, seized their rifles, flung on ammunition-belts, and rushed out to the rescue, regardless for the moment of the officers shouting to them to come back.

Every thick clump of reeds that rose a few feet higher than the surrounding grass was supposed to conceal an enemy, and it was immediately raked by a hot fire from the advance-guard. On 16th June, the night having passed quietly, we started at 6.30 A.M., and marched silently. There was a curious feeling upon first waking in the morning, when we rose and buckled on the ammunition-belts.

The fire flared high, lighting up the group of men standing about it, booted and belted with ammunition-belts, quiet, and white, and determined. Many curious heads looked out as the sheriff and his men six men besides Green from the station got off; then the train rumbled away in the darkness toward the surging, turbulent river, and the crowd moved toward the house. Mr.

Ask no questions, but obey!" Trembling shaking her head and muttering strange things, the old woman departed. She returned in a quarter-hour with not only one, but two pistols and several ammunition-belts cleverly concealed beneath her robe. Beta seized them gladly with a sudden return of confidence. But the old woman, though she said no word, eyed her mistress in a strange, disquieting manner.