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Consider how much more aggravating it would be from the point of view of Providence to limit the vision to the selection of peculiar objects which would give offence to the Taste or Religious Convictions of its owner! Suppose that Miss Scatcherd's eyes, for instance, could only distinguish gentlemen of Unsound opinions, and couldn't see a Curate if it was ever so!

But the car was empty, and its doors were locked. Carefully observing its number, which was 18, and determined to return to it as quickly as possible, Rod directed his steps once more in the direction of the superintendent's office. The same boy whom he had seen in the morning greeted him with an aggravating grin, and said: "You're too late.

But I'll tell you what it is, major. She knows all about it." "You think she does, Bunfit?" "She does, sir; and she's got something locked up somewhere in that house as'd elucidate the whole of this aggravating mystery, if only we could get at it. Major, " "Well, Bunfit?" "I ain't noways sure as she ain't got them very diamonds themselves locked up, or, perhaps, tied round her person."

"In where?" replied the aggravating Brown, shouldering his way in at the gate and intoxicated with his own importance. "What are you talking about?" "Why, who's been elected for Shellport? Is Pony in?" shouted the boys, impatiently. "Pony!" rejoined Brown, half-contemptuously, "do you suppose they'd have an old stick like him!" "What," exclaimed Merrison. "Is Cheeseman in after all, then?" "Eh?"

"And going to camp out and have a fire, and cook our trout, and shoot our rabbits," said Tom, with an aggravating appearance of indifference, as if these were only a specimen of innumerable delights unmentioned. "Oh, dear me!" said Gypsy, with a long sigh. "There are several disadvantages in being a girl, my dear, as you will find out, occasionally," said Tom, with a lordly air.

They see three of the great cardinal virtues of dog or man courage, endurance, and skill in intense action. This is very different from a love of making dogs fight, and enjoying, and aggravating, and making gain by their pluck.

My word, Bet does know how to make prime claret cup" and Cedric smacked his lips with the air of a veteran gourmand; and then he sparred at Malcolm, and called him an absent-minded beggar, and asked if he had finished his ode to the naiad of the Pool, and made sundry other aggravating remarks, which proved that he was in excellent spirits and only wanted to find a safety-valve.

"Don't you be so aggravating, old man," said the good-natured George, "and you, Mr.

It was the work of an unemotional master of technique; only just the infinitely delicate value of the greys and blacks revealed the future master of harmony. One almost might have wished to find a fault in this aggravating perfection.

And Sister Cecilia, with that blindness which comes from systematically closing the eyes to the earthly side of earthly things, never realised that the small change of sympathy is often slightly aggravating. At this period she took to calling Jem Agar her "poor boy."

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