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Scrope, loc. cit., p. 147. Scrope, loc. cit., p. 144. Scrope gives a view of these remarkable basaltic cliffs in Plate XII. of his work, from which the above account is taken. At one spot near the village of Le Gua there is a break in the continuity of the sheet.

For the year under consideration the excess of expenditures over receipts on account of the consular service amounted to $26,125.12, as against $96,972.50 for the year ending June 30, 1902, and $147,040.16 for the year ending June 30, 1901.

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The Improvers had decided to use Morton-Harris paints and the Morton-Harris paint cans were numbered according to a color card. A purchaser chose his shade on the card and ordered by the accompanying number. Number 147 was the shade of green desired and when Mr.

Wherever this pavement exists, the stones are of the same kind and placed in the same manner. The limestone is exactly similar to that in the retaining walls described on page 147. The stones are often more than three feet square, and from two feet six inches to two feet ten inches thick.

Eastward from the tunnel a gallery has been driven 147 feet along the vein, and westwards there is a similar passage of 202 feet. About 140 feet on either side of the tunnel two rises, one 16, the other 12 feet long, are being driven up the slope of the reef.

When the Celebration took place, the Bishop had given directions as to the order of things. First, a Soodra catechist communicated, then two Pariah catechists, then an English gentleman, next a Pariah, then two Eurasians; and thus without distinction, 147 communicated. The barrier was broken down, and the nucleus of a church without caste was formed.

Western Annals, p. 147. American Pioneer, vol. i., p. 7, et seq. Bancroft, vol. iii., p. 254. Bancroft, vol. iii., p. 285. "The God of the savage was what the metaphysician endeavors to express by the word substance." But the Indian's idea of substance was altogether concrete.

Surely this juggling and false play little became an honest man called to such honour, or a nobleman put in such trust." Campion, p. 165. State Papers, Vol. II. pp. 146, 147. Norfolk to Wolsey: Ibid. p. 135. State Papers, Vol. II. p. 146. It had been partially subdued by Lord James Butler. Irish statute, 28 Henry VIII. cap. 1. O'Brien of Thomond to Henry VIII.: State Papers, Vol.

There are 10 Collegiate Institutes and 94 High Schools, with an attendance of 12,136 pupils; 5,147 Public Schools, with 494,424 enrolled scholars; and the total receipts for school purposes amounted to $3,226,730.