They eat so much that often they cannot fly and may be knocked over with clubs. In the spring these geese must be driven away by watchmen with shot-guns to keep them from pulling up the young grain. The largest single wheat-field in California is on the banks of the San Joaquin River, in Madera County. This covers twenty-five thousand acres and is almost as flat as a floor.

I must go to the wheat-field you must he looked at his wife, and changed what he was going to say to, 'lie in bed. 'No, Davy, I can't lie in bed, I must go and look for Netta. 'Now, wife, I 'ont have none of this nonsense. You must either lie in bed or go about your work. The whole house sha'n't be turned topsey-turvey for a baggage like that.

Wallie stepped inside the cabin and brought out a pamphlet with an illustration of twelve horses hitched to a combined harvester and thresher, standing in a wheat-field of boundless acreage. "There," he said, proudly, "you see my ambition!" Pinkey regarded it, unexcited. "That's a real nice picture," he said, finally, "but I thought you aimed to go in for cattle?" "I did.

A great she-bear was in the wheat-field at the edge of the wood, very busily employed in helping to harvest the crop.

He easily reached the great oak-tree, and from there he knew his way to the corner of the wheat-field, where he stopped and looked for the hare, but she was not there, nor did she answer when he called to her. At the sound of his voice a number of sparrows rose from the wheat, which was now ripening, and flew up to the hedge, where they began to chatter about Kapchack's love affair.

One did some simple thing started a strike, or sawed lumber too short, or burned a wheat-field, or put nails in harvesting machinery, or missent perishable goods, or changed signal-lights on railroads, or drove copper nails into fruit-trees, so they died. This was a pity, the fruit-trees. But at least they did not furnish fruit for Germany's enemies.

It seemed to me that the time had come for me to speak out, and with burning cheeks I said: "Because I think that God has married you to me already. Do you remember when we kissed each other by the wheat-field one day last summer?" "Yes."

Boteler and the brandy followed the horseman, and I turned in and spent the night with the College company, quartered close by as a guard to General Jackson's headquarters. I got back to camp the next afternoon, Sunday. McCorkle had just found his horse, still saddled and bridled, grazing in a wheat-field. From Camp Buchanan we fell back to Rude's Hill, four miles above Mt.

The long level of the wheat-field plain stretched out from my feet towards the far-away Downs, so level that the first hedge shut off the fields beyond; and every now and then over these hedges there rose up the white forms of sea-gulls drifting to and fro among the elms. White sea-gulls birds of divination, you might say a good symbol of the times, for now we plough the ocean. The barren sea!

They're headed for Saarbrück! Georges, what's that big marquee in the wheat-field?" "The Emperor is there," said Georges, proudly; "those troopers are the Cuirassiers of the Hundred-Guards. See their white mantles? The Prince Imperial is there, too. Poor little man he looks so tired and bewildered."