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And when the middle of the afternoon came, from being a poor poverty-stricken boy in the morning, Tom was literally rolling in wealth.

"When they are flying away with my purse," he replied suggestively, "they will be flying away with little of what could be called my ancestral wealth." "You are natural rogues," said I, "you and Jem Bottles. And you had best not be talking of religion."

There is a kind of analogy between our industrial exhibitions and these festivals; and, whatever the purpose may be for which they were originated, it is plain that they admirably represent the industry, wealth, and resources of the country.

In that mansion O king, the Supreme Deity, the Grand- sire of all created things, having himself created everything by virtue of his creative illusion, stayeth ever. Wealth and Religion and Desire, and Joy, and Aversion, and Asceticism and Tranquillity all wait together upon the Supreme Deity in that palace.

My heart dwells with affectionate pride upon the beauty and greatness and goodness of my own country that wonderful little land, that mere morsel of earth as it seems on the map so full of power, of wealth, of intellectual vigor and moral worth!... I found Graham a little too much of a Republican for me, though his "History" seemed to me upon the whole good and very impartial.

Out of the eleven thousand pupils who attend the university every year not one of them would receive any instruction which would enable him to earn his living, or take his place in the struggle for wealth and power in the ordinary world of mankind.

It would have been no good to tell these people they had some good in them—for that was what they were telling themselves all day long. They had to be reminded that they had some bad in them—instinctive idolatries and silent treasons which they always tried to forget. It is in connection with these crimes of wealth and culture that we face the real problem of positive evil.

The literary romanticists did a great deal to encourage patriotism among the Germans in the beginning of the nineteenth century by disclosing to the German people the wealth of their legendary lore and the beauty of their folk-songs. The circumstances which established the artistic kinship between Von Weber and Wagner, to which I have alluded, was a direct fruit of this patriotism.

How high would that place them, he asked himself, in that world of real luxury which was made up of the so-called four hundred the people of immense wealth and social position. He had read in the papers that it took from fifteen to twenty-five thousand dollars a year to clothe a débutante.

Too often they suffer the vulgarity of wealth to display itself in the idleness and ostentation of their wives and children, who "devote themselves," it may be, "to expense regardless of pleasure"; but we ought not to misunderstand even that, or condemn it unjustly.