It's no joke, trying to get rooms in a London hotel when you've ladies with you and no luggage." "You think Laura would let Hyde take her to an hotel?" "Well, Berns, what else are they to do?" said Val impatiently. "They can't very well sit in a Waterloo waitingroom!" "No, no," said Clowes. "Much better pass the night at an hotel. Is that what you call a rotten time?

I walked with the chief dispatcher into the airport waitingroom, dull with the listless air, not of unoccupancy, but disuse. "Not much air travel," I remarked idly. "Yours is the first plane in a month." "I wonder you bother to keep the airport open at all." "We do what we can to preserve the forms of civilization.

Better turn down here. Make a detour. Mr Kernan turned and walked down the slope of Watling street by the corner of Guinness's visitors' waitingroom. Outside the Dublin Distillers Company's stores an outside car without fare or jarvey stood, the reins knotted to the wheel. Damn dangerous thing. Some Tipperary bosthoon endangering the lives of the citizens. Runaway horse.

His laugh ended in a spasm of coughing and a struggle for breath that made Faxon, still holding his arm, guide him hastily into the shelter of the fireless waitingroom. Young Rainer had dropped down on the bench against the wall and pulled off one of his fur gloves to grope for a handkerchief.

An' yo' folks is plumb 'stracted 'bout yer dis minute, I 'low. Come on. She am gittin' ready to stop." He grabbed the blackened hand of each, pushing Jimmy and pulling Billy, and towed the reluctant little boys through the coach. "Yuh sho' is sp'iled my fun," he growled as he hustled them across the platform to the waitingroom.

However, he seemed very friendly and affable toward me personally once the chill air of the waitingroom had been left behind and as Button Fles had advised me insistently to entertain without regard to expense any officials with whom I came in contact, I thought it politic to invite him to dinner.