Rather remarkable, isn't it, that every time you expel the air from your lungs you help this car to go?" None of us knew what to say; our astonishment was beyond speech. We began to look askance at Edmund, with creeping sensations about the spine. A formless, unacknowledged fear of him entered our souls. It never occurred to us to doubt the truth of what he had said.

Dating their foundation as far back as the fourteenth century, as Prague, Vienna, and Heidelberg, or established but of late years in the nineteenth, as Berlin, Bonn, and Munich, they attract to themselves the mental strength of the land, forming a focus from which radiates, whether in Theology, Science, Literature, or Art, the new world of thought, which finds its way to remotest regions, often filtered and unacknowledged.

There seemed small probability of shipping her off, to carry into a new household the restlessness, the fretfulness, the captious fault-finding with others, the readiness to take offence at what was done and said to herself, which made poor Selina Leaf the unacknowledged grief and torment of her own. Her two sisters sat silent. What was the use of talking?

But Mary Garland had helped him before, and she helped him now helped him not less than he had assured himself she would when he found himself drifting to Florence. Yet her help was rendered in the same unconscious, unacknowledged fashion as before; there was no explicit change in their relations.

A good many errors in the Scourge of Christendom are due to careless copying of unacknowledged writers: such as calling Joshua Bushett of the Admiralty, "Mr. Secretary Bushell," or Sir John Stuart, "Stewart," or eight bells "eight boats," or Sir Peter Denis, "Sir Denis," or misreckoning the ships of Sir R. Mansell's expedition, or turning San Lucar into "St. Lucas." Several Voyages, 58-65.

Selwyn, not without misgivings on the part of the Whig powers, had been appointed Bishop of New Zealand. Dr. Arnold had been appointed to the Chair of Modern History at Oxford. In the course of the year there passed away one who had had a very real though unacknowledged influence on much that had happened Mr. Blanco White. And at the end of the year, 29th October, Mr.

Ultimately, the inventor of the lifeboat went to his grave unrewarded and unacknowledged at least by the nation; though the lives saved through his invention were undoubtedly a reward beyond all price.

Therefore, though there was some wonder, in drawing-rooms and clubs, at the news of Egerton's first unacknowledged marriage, and some curiosity expressed as to what the son of that marriage might do, and great men were prepared to welcome, and fine ladies to invite and bring out, the heir to the statesman's grave repute, yet wonder and curiosity soon died away; the repute soon passed out of date, and its heir was soon forgotten.

No friendly glance, no spring-breeze, shall pass over me unenjoyed or unacknowledged; out of every flower will I suck a drop of honey, and out of every passing hour a drop of eternal life. "And then I know it truly be my life's day longer or shorter, bear it a joyful or a gloomy colour, The day will never endure so long But at length the evening cometh.

He seated himself beside her, drawing his chair very close to hers, and taking her hand in his. He was more affectionate this evening than usual. What did it portend? she thought. She had already begun to acquiesce in Rachel's estimate of Stanley, and to fancy that whatever he did it was with an unacknowledged purpose. 'Does little Dorkie love me? said Lake, in a sweet undertone.