He's jest dealin', when, onbeknown to him, Moon comes Injunin' up from the r'ar surreptitious, an' drills Curly Ben through the head; an' the bullet bein' a '45 Colt's for Moon ain't toyin' with Curly an' means business goes plumb through an' emerges from onder Curly Ben's off eye.

Why one 'ud suppose butther wouldn't melt in your mouth to look at you; an' yet you want to be toyin' wid the girls! Indeed an' faix, it's a great shame for the likes o' you, that's bint on Maynooth, to be thinkin' of coortin' at all. But wait! Upon my word, I'll have a fine story agin you, plase goodness!"

"She was sittin' quiet and toyin' with her 'am." The rain continuing, 'Bias at the close of supper sensationally produced two packs of cards and proposed that, as soon as Palmerston had removed the cloth, they should play what he called "a rubber to whist." He and Mrs Bosenna cut together; Cai with Dinah. Now the two captains could, as a rule, play a good hand at whist.

"Ho, Evelyn!" It ain't any smooth, ladylike tone he uses, either. A couple of stout female parties, that's been toyin' with lobster Newburg patties and chocolate éclairs and gooseberry tarts, stops their gossipin' and glares round at him indignant. "Evelyn, I say!" he goes on, fairly roarin' it out. At that out comes Sister from behind her little coop lookin' panicky.

"I've a hunch he ain't half as strong as he bluffs." "Me, too. I got thet idee yesterday. He was scared of the kid when she fired up an' sent thet hot-shot about her cowboy sweetheart killin' him. He'll do it, Jim. I seen that Carmichael at Magdalena some years ago. Then he was only a youngster. But, whew! Mebbe he wasn't bad after toyin' with a little red liquor." "Shore.

"'You're lookin' for trouble, Doc, says Colonel Sterett, kind o' laughin' at Peets. 'You reminds me of a onhappy sport I encounters long ago in Looeyville. "'An' wherein does this Bloo Grass party resemble me? asks Peets. "'It's one evenin', says Colonel Sterett, 'an' a passel of us is settin' about in the Gait House bar, toyin' with our beverages.

He's a desperate man lady, an' there ain't no use toyin' with him. All right. One hour. It's just quarter to 'leven. Good-bye!" Link came lounging out of the booth mopping his wet forehead: "She fell fer it all right," he said jerking a wan smile, but he looked as though the last of his own nerve had gone into the telephone receiver.