That laugh brought out, for Raphael's heated fancy, a strong resemblance between the man before him and the type of head that painters have assigned to Goethe's Mephistopheles. A crowd of superstitious thoughts entered Raphael's sceptical mind; he was convinced of the powers of the devil and of all the sorcerer's enchantments embodied in mediaeval tradition, and since worked up by poets.

This very day the unworthy son of the great Rameses had covered his face and trembled like a timid fawn at the bare mention of the sorcerer's name, and to-morrow he might curse him and pronounce a death sentence upon him. Perhaps he might be induced to do this, and on the following one he would recall him and again sue for his blessing. Down with such monarchs!

On inquiry it turned out that the charm of tattao had been performed on Finow's grave, with the view of injuring his son, the reigning king, and it is to be presumed that it was this sorcerer's work which had "disturbed" Finow's spirit. The Rev. Does not the action of Saul, on a famous occasion, involve exactly the same theological presuppositions?

Close behind him Stalks sullen Bertram, like a sorcerer's fiend, Pressing to be employed. 'I assure you, Colonel, said Waverley, 'that you judge too harshly of the Highlanders. 'Not a whit, not a whit; I cannot spare them a jot; I cannot bate them an ace.

When this was reported to Red Head, he ordered his royal bark to be launched by his chosen men of the oar, and crossed over to see this wonderful girl. As they approached the shore, Strong Desire saw that the ribs of the sorcerer's canoe were formed of living rattlesnakes, whose heads pointed outward to guard him from his enemies.

"A Catholic missionary," says Professor Frazer, "observes that in New Guinea the nepir, or sorcerer, is everywhere.... Nothing happens without the sorcerer's intervention; wars, marriage, death, expeditions, fishing, hunting, always and everywhere the sorcerer." In Ancient Egypt, Chaldea, and Assyria there is ample evidence that the same belief flourished.

The little bloodstone table on which the heptagonal coffer stands was drawn to the centre of the room. The coffer looked exquisite in the glare of light which shone on it. It actually seemed to glow as if lit in some way from within. "'What do you think of it? he asked. "'It is like a jewel, I answered. 'You may well call it the 'sorcerer's Magic Coffer', if it often looks like that.

Nor was it likely that the sorcerer's other clients even if all turned out better than could be hoped would venture into the streets by night. Rich people were timid and suspicious; and as the Emperor had lately promulgated fresh and more stringent edicts against the magic arts, Posidonius had thought it prudent to postpone the meeting.

In his pockets were an Agnus Dei, a taper of green wax, two bits of hareskin, two dried toads which were supposed to be sorcerer's charms a, crucifix, a Jesuit catechism, a prayer-book, a pocket-book containing two Spanish bills of exchange one for two thousand, and one for eight hundred and seventy-seven crowns and a set of writing tablets.

Heaven itself, however, had destined him to extirpate the votaries of Eblis; and yet, long before this work is done, a special message is sent to him, declaring, that, if he chooses, the death-angel is ready to take him away instead of the sorcerer's daughter.