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He blew off the dust and smoothed its sides. "Listen to this!" he said. "Picked up the volume at Schulte's, on the twenty-five cent table. 'A love of the country is taken," he read, "'I know not why, to indicate the presence of all the cardinal virtues.... We assert a taste for sweet and innocent pleasures and an indifference to the feverish excitements of artificial society.

The romance of their dispositions was stirred to its very depths, and their enthusiastic minds drew a vivid picture, in which the manner and cause of Henry Schulte's death was successfully explained and duly accounted for. These men were without a doubt the emissaries of some person or persons in Germany, who were interested in the old gentleman and would be benefited by his death.

A few years after this several coal mines were opened in the vicinity, iron works were erected, and as Hagen became a thriving, flourishing city it naturally extended its industries. Henry Schulte's newly acquired property then became available for the erection of iron works and coal breakers, and his wealth was considerably increased by these means.

"That is right enough," quickly replied Bucholz, "because if you would take the axe and strike the blow upwards behind the ear, where that wound was, you would strike the head with the edge of the back, and that would crush in the bones of the skull and produce just such a hole as that was in Schulte's head."

And ye, oh, rippling river, did no murmur escape thee as the crimson tide of this fair dead girl mingled with thy transparent waves and floated away into the darkness of the night? The Search for the Missing Girl. The Lover's Judgment. Henry Schulte's Grief. The Genial Farmer becomes the Grasping Miser.

John Cornwell, a young operative in the service of my New York agency, was delegated for this service, and he performed the duty assigned him in a manner which furnished me with all the information I desired to possess, and as the story contains much that is of interest, I will give it here. Dortmund. Railroad Enterprise and Prospective Fortune. Henry Schulte's Love. An Insult and its Resentment.

Quick as a flash, however, the iron grip of Henry Schulte's right hand was upon the wrist of the cowardly Nat, and with a wrench of his left hand the knife was wrested from him and thrown out of the window.

Bollman's departure from the jail, Sommers, turning to Bucholz, said, in a quiet, unconcerned manner: "I heard that the Schulte estate has been sold, and that the new-comer intends to tear down the buildings at once. He bought it on speculation, and expects to find Schulte's money." Bucholz was visibly affected by this information.

It was a very adroit question, had the detective not been upon his guard, but without flinching, he looked doubtfully but steadily into his face, as he inquired: "What list? I don't know what you mean." "Oh!" replied Mr. Bollman, with a light laugh, "I thought this might possibly be some of Schulte's money."

"If you wanted five thousand, I could give it to you, if I was only out one night. I could tell you a secret that would open your eyes, but as long as you are here I can do you no good, and you cannot help me." Sommers, who was reclining upon the bed, raised himself upon his hand, and looking Bucholz in the face with a knowing smile, said: "I suppose you would lift old Schulte's treasure!"