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All that dead foliage crackled under the feet, and massed itself, from time to time, in light waves under the gusts of wind. This was one of those days of transition which mark the end of one season and the beginning of another, which have a savor or a special sadness the sadness of the death-struggle or the savor of rising sap.

Whatever is still possible to me has lost its savor, while all that I could still desire escapes me, and will always escape me. Every impulse ends in weariness and disappointment. Discouragement, depression, weakness, apathy; there is the dismal series which must be forever begun and re-begun, while we are still rolling up the Sisyphean rock of life.

As to myself, you must excuse me if I do not share them. I can never go into ecstasies over such a country as this. I am as fond of the country as any one, but this is not the country it is the desert, Arabia Petroea, I know not what. And as to your chateau, my dear friend I am sorry to tell you so: it has a savor of crime. Look well, and you'll see that a murder has been committed in it."

But she was not systematic; she had inspiration but not discipline, and her mother mourned more over the days when Alma left the whole dinner to the Irish girl than she rejoiced in those when one of Alma's great thoughts took form in a chicken-pie of incomparable savor or in a matchless pudding.

Its early chapters, indeed, savor of the romantic rather than of the real. I do not speak of the long-ago time when Illinois forest and prairie were the house and hunting-ground of the red men, and his frail bark the only craft known to its rivers. That period belongs to the border-land age of tradition rather than of veritable history.

Our institution is called not an "Asylum," nor a "Retreat," nor by any of those names which savor of restraint and espionage not even a "Home," as spelled with a capital H but simply by the name of the spot upon which it is erected to wit, "Lord's Island." It is erected on an island because in the more serious cases a certain degree of watchfulness will always be necessary.

This seems to savor of the doctrine of educational foreordination, and would make millwork and life synonymous. Life is larger than any mill. We may be justified in educating one horse for the plow and another for the race track, but this justification rests upon the fact that horses are assets and not liabilities.

It is equally possible, for the matter of that, that a future society may reestablish legal torture with the whole apparatus of rack and fagot. The most modern of countries, America, has introduced with a vague savor of science, a method which it calls "the third degree." This is simply the extortion of secrets by nervous fatigue; which is surely uncommonly close to their extortion by bodily pain.

In her lap slept a large grey cat, and by its side as though discord never could enter this bright little abode which exhaled no savor of poverty, but, on the contrary, a peculiar and fragrant scent lay a small shaggy dog, whose snowy whiteness of coat could only be due to the most constant care.

Below and beyond us lay a great stretch of wooded land, and here it was that we knew we were to meet our reinforcement; here we realized that from this point the adventure might veritably be said to begin. Our spirits rose with the rising day to the blithest altitudes; already we seemed to savor the taste of brisk campaigning; I think we all longed boyishly for action.

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